“Hello mam. Please suggest me ways to find mistress and marry a mistress”

To most Ma’am’s, they’d delete that email INSTANTLY. I dont blame them either, Hehe. Time waster!

I almost did too, but there was something that made me PAUSE.

I’m not sure as yet what, but he sounds suspiciously like a person I once worked with – still do – but he isnt the same person, that I will say!

But life works in funny ways!

Recently, that person (the one I worked with) literally “read my thoughts”.

And told me something about bringing me something that I was goin gto ask him to do (specifics do not matter here) – and when he told me, I laughed.

“Dude, I was going to ask you that anyway months back, but then I didnt!”

Thoughts, your deepest feelings and ASPIRATIONS TRULY TRANSMUTE!

And thats the key explained SO WELL in the only book of it’s kind on femdom.

People dont get it.

Its never about looks, either yours or hers.

Its about THOUGHT.

And then actions based upon that thought -SPONTANEOUS ACTIONS!

Trust me on this one, I cannot tell you “what or how”.

All I can tell you is …

Anyway, here is what a reader “Gokul” sent me on www.payelagumalkin.com

Hello mam
My name is Gokul
Please suggest me ways to find mistress and marry a mistress

It’s insane, for one how many people think I’m a lady.


From Shane Mitchell in Europe “the REAL MACCA of femdom!” (Mc coy is what he meant) to “Gokul” (from the subcontinent, I assume??) – to many others.

People are so infused by lust – with my BOOKS AND WRITINGS – but site also – that they see a picture, and BAM!

Or, perhaps it’s because I ALWAYS write from a female viewpoint, a viewpoint even males into real femdom cannot get – because they aint got it inside of them in the first place!

Sounds cocky and arrogant, and brash, no?

NOT like what you’d expect this here sissy to be!

But it’s true.

And even that attracts real femdom!

Speaking of which I believe my sissy journey to becoming Madam, or her slave .. well, thats always been going on great, but all these requests I get from people thinking I’m a girl…!

It’s only the smart ones that actually READ the books and understand it’s all about thought that figure it out.

Anyway, what I told him –

Dear Gokul,

Thanks for your email! To find a truly dominant lady “24/7 femdom” as it were, or as close as it gets – you have to get the MENTAL part down PAT first.

It’s NOT just about “getting your rocks off”.

True femdom involves so much more than just that.

It’s about UNDERSTANDING – then EMBEDDING THAT UNDERSTANDING – femdom – DEEP into your psyche – and then once that happens, you’ll start attracting on auto pilot.

The best way to learn how to attract a REALLY DOMINANT woman, not just one who does it sometimes is by following the tips laid out HERE – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs.

Get on the book, incorporate the techniques, and then let me know of your SUCCESS!


Mike Watson

I seriously doubt he’ll get it.

Or if he does get it, implement…

But hey, you never know, miracles have happened before! Hehe.

And for YOU on this list, definitely a serious femdom lover – get this book NOW, my friend.

Scores of people have got it before you, and they’ve all RAVED about it!

So worth it, friend – truly so!

(but ONLY IF you’re interested in attracting REAL FEMDOM to you willy nilly on auto pilot, and no, real femdom aint about you or your Bozo jerking off, it’s about HER, in all and every which way, right down to handing perfect Mistress Yiyi your passport without even meeting her, boy, so she can own you lock, stock, and barrel. 

I REPEAT – SERIOUS FEMDOM LOVERS ONLY WANTED – the rest, casual ones, you shouldnt get this book, because you wont benefit).


Mike WAtson

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