Why messy Madam’s make such great, perfect GODDESSES!



The messier Madam  – or Ma’am – is – the more PERFECT SHE IS!

The older and fatter, the BETTER she is, the mOre DOMINANT!

It’s just the way she is, it is, friend!

Paye Lagu, Madam – Memsahib .. JI!

Madam Maggie, a mess?

That is what she posted on her wechat last night – and given the dreams I had about tigers , lions – keeping them as “pets” … it all fits in so well!

I’ve been spending the bulk of the morning this morning doing what I do best.

Sit alone.


As Jeff Bezos said about his mornings, “putter”!

A certain “Uncle Bob” I once knew said “I do things!”

I’ve always been that way, friend, even when I worked full time in an office, the first few hours, or one hour?

I’d be by myself.

These days, its usually puttering about the majority of the mornings – until the urge to do BUSINESS hits me!

Or write, whichever way you put it!

Its so nice having so many perfect Madams to compliment and worship!

And it’s so nice having a business where you can send emails, and thats all you really need to do. True, it took work – but I’m so grateful!

SO much so that Madam Maggie who claims she’s a mess, I’d kiss her feet right now – in public – in the mall she took that photo – and in a leopard spots dress I believe, or tiger striped – all Isaw first were the lovely LOWER LEGS – and her FEET!


She’s short, has BIG FEET, oh – MY!

And those toes painted such a delectable shade of orange, certainly wasn’t messy to me!

Maybe she felt that way.

Maybe lots of guys would tell her that, I dont know – these Bozos would of course “get none”.

But …

to me?

Thats ALL I needed to see Ma’am!

And when I say she deserves all the praise she gets? And ask her if she agrees?


“Of course!”

Such a perfect Queen and Goddess, the messier she is – the better -(or they)!

That extends to the house too!

“Madam please be messier!” I told an initially bemused Madam Su when she hesitantly told me about her messy ways of living, tossing clothes here, letting dishes pile up and such, bitching about it (and not doing it) later…. 

(Of course, she was never in the least bit reticent about the fact that I could never have other women, and if I did NOT please her in bed, which as I’ve written about so many times she instinctively KNEW I wouldn’t – I wouldn’t come close! – she’d have other men!

Of course, Ma’am wasn’t entirely comfortable with me agreeing either “If you love me, how can you accept this!!”

But accept I did.


And love? From day one? That would be a stretch, but yes, cuckolding is indeed extreme love – I mean, think about it – if you allow and WANT yourself to give her all that pleasure, to an extreme, and yourself none, then not only are you a “masochist” as Sophia said I was – but also , you truly love and respect Ma’am! For what she is, a WONDROUS BEING i.e. a WOMAN!

Women are so nice, so GREAT!

We men should worship the ground they WALK ON!)

But anyway, the messy part, she was reticent about it initially. Later, of course, Id beg her to leave used condoms on the floor too!


So I would to Madam Maggie.

I remember a guy once saying “he needs a maid, his house is always such a mess”.

To me that was ho hum!

But when a LADY says it, Madma MAggie, or perhaps even the lovely Yiyi, then its different. Hehe.

And … I still remember some guys laughing about a group I owned once – that I’ve written about – Keeping it Real In China where a certain Bozo Schofield (yes, that same guy my friend keeps writing about!) was being abusive to women (as usual) and I told them all to keep it calm “because we have ladies here”.

I can still hear the smirks (though they eventually “obeyed” – they had no choice).

Really, guys – the way some of you think – is beyond me!

And then they never get any and Josie Ma’am blocks Bozo, and so forth …

Anyway, I’m out.

Madam Maggie, you’re indeed the very BEST!

Paye LAGU, perfect Madam .. JI!


Mike Watson

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