Jeremy with his TONGUE OUT!


That pose with TONGUE FULLY OUT! 

I’ve seen and spoken of Madams that spit that way – that spit cigarette ash out that way – and just , I dont know, just looking at someone kneeling or not, dominant or not, with tongue out ?

Brings back memories and connotations of BLOWJOBS …a nd cum!

And when I flick my nipples even ONCE looking at that, and Madam’s SOLES – and I wrote about that – I SO CUM, and I FEEL SO WEAK!

If I see Christina Ma’am do that to me, I’ll gO NUTS WITH LUST!

Not that I’m not crazy already in that regard. Hehe. I have not orgasmed in so long I’ve forgotten what a real orgasm feels like, yet guys that jerk off all the time have no idea how much pent up sexual energy is there in me, and how it works to attract women on auto pilot!

Anyway …

I’ve spoken of Jeremy, and the cock I sucked all those years ago, I believe he was my first!

“Mike’s not gay!” he laughed, his long thick white cock made me SO WEAK!

I so wish I could have serviced him better, he asked for sex, but I didnt let him DO, I so wish I HAD!

I’d lick his balls all day!

And his cock, his dong, so proudly straight and erect, it was light years before I wrote Cock Worship for Sissies and faggots, but … I worshipped it that way!

Yet, here is what I ain’t mentioned until now!

The other day, I wrote a treatise on SPECIAL cocks – such as mine – and a certain tranny thats driven me INSANE WITH LUST!

“Luv, thank you for the kindness and support, no matter how you identify yourself!” 

She’s so right- labels don’t matter.

She’s so NICE!

And those dense balls, those pubes… ah, but the post is above!


But, looking at that cock made even Jeremy weak!

And more than me, he was on his knees too, with TONGUE out, I just came so furiously because I looked at his cock, and he tried to lap it all up!

He shot a load too shortly thereafter.

But I remember, we were discussing girls and Rebecca, and he kept saying this.

“You’ve got a far better chance at girls, Mike! You’re handsome, dark skinned and you’re UNCUT!” 

Remember, he hadn’t seen my dick until then.

When he did, he couldn’t control!

Neither could I – or can I.


But anyway, Rueben  – a friend who I Sucked off so many times in that motel room – he never DID Come – (story of another friend like that HERE) – – Rueben’s story in Cuckold Compilations (translation on pause for that one, will start shortly soon tho!) …

He told me the next morning after the Jeremy experience.

“If he was talking about your dick that much, you should have guessed!” 

I didn’t.

As Madam says, I Didnt think too much.


I didnt know.

But now I DO!

Tongue out, ready to receive, certainly one of the sexiest and most profound poses EVER!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Profound Poses is a book I wrote in THAT regard, and you simply must pick it up now!

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