“How the tireless erotic researcher “MIKE WATSON” makes a magnificent exposition of the subject of RUINED ORGASMS!”

Indeed, Paula puts it so well!

Here is another superb review from her, this time for the book “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! … and have him salivating for MORE!” (truly another one of those “must grab” books along with all of our others!!)- –

A sexual fetish is an object or situation that triggers desire, arousal, and eventually orgasm. The fetish can be discreet and slightly trigger our sexual desire, or be wild, leading the individual to intense arousal in just a few moments. Between these two extremes there is a continuum of possibilities, depending on the tastes and desires of each person and their relationship with their fetishes. In the book “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE!” you can find how the tireless erotic researcher “MIKE WATSON” makes a magnificent exposition of the subject. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your knowledge with the neophytes!”

The fundamental quality of the sexual fetish is that it has great power to eroticize and excite. In general, the human being tends to pursue what he likes or causes him pleasure. Thanks to this mechanism, the person who discovers that including one or several fetishes in his sexual life makes it more pleasurable usually repeats, and as long as he obtains desirable returns for his erotic satisfaction, he will continue to enjoy his fetishes in his daily sexual life. The fetish thus becomes an instrument, if not necessarily essential, highly desirable for the sexual practice of those who use it.

Sexual fetishes are not universal, of course, which means that certain objects (handcuffs, uniforms, candles…), situations (being seen by strangers, dominating us…), or body areas (feet, navel…), may have a very powerful erotic power for some people and, on the contrary, leave others in the most complete indifference, and even cause them a great stupor, not understanding that they can be exciting for someone. Therefore, each fetish will only be exciting for those who perceive it in a sexual or erotic key.

There is a wide variety of sexual fetishes, that is, objects or parts of the body that cause us sexual attraction or excitement. Some are more common than others, and there are even those that can be considered classics because they are the most common and well-known. Sexual fetishes can be feet or hands, women’s lingerie, high-heeled boots, leather garments, uniforms… but also balloons and the noise they make when they explode, diapers and playing tag, being babies, stumps or amputations, enemas, feces, stuffed animals, scars, sucking blood… In addition, there are areas of our body that we have habitually integrated into our sexual practices that can also be fetishes, such as the male and female genitalia, and other erogenous and erotic zones such as the breasts.

Enjoy your fetishist anorgasm!

Paula Banda Rendón


That was another awesome, thought out (well!) review, my dear Paula – thank you!

And Paula is so right “one man’s meat is another’s poison” as it were in terms of fetishes, for instance, foot fetishists – there is NOTHING better to them than domination and a grimy SOLE – while another person may be extremely turned on by breasts, or other fetishes – and might regard feet as “mundane” or normal.

Yes, Paula, you’re right – we can’t live without our fetishes, they become an essential part of our sex life, but since they’re always part of who we are – why not open up and accept it (I know she agrees, I’m just commenting on her review!).

Other than that, she is spot on in terms of everything – she hasn’t so much reviewed the tips here as the “general” theme of the book – but that is perfectly fine as well, I love reviews of all flavors (much like spicy is the variety of life, flavors are often the “delicatassens” of reviews if I might say so!).

As for the neophytes part – hey.

I consider it my duty to teach, and am honored to be in a position now where I can not only teach, but INFLUENCE how people think about fetish in general – making it mainstream, or at least way more “open” than it is now has ALWAYS been one of my goals, Paula!

Anyway … get the book NOW, y’all.

And – lets do something different to end this – my own review for Paula, her work, and everything she’s done so far!

She’s just superb, one of the best translators I’ve ever had, so in addition to her being an affiliate here which I recommended her to be because of her sincere interest in fetish – I also said I’d give her a recommendation from an employment standpoint if she ever needs it.

And, here it IS –

To whomever it may concern –

I have known Paula Banda Rendon for a while now, and she’s been great to work with! My name is Mike Watson, and I’m a writer, publisher and business person – my websites are www.spicyanderoticfetish.com and www.payelagumalkin.com. I have written and published over 100 “pathbreaking” books in terms of femdom and fetish – and our list of books is constantly expanding, as is our market (and global reach).

My books are all in English, therefore, I was looking for a translator to expand into a few other regions.

As they say, be careful what you “wish for” – you might just get it – I got Paula, and it was the best thing in terms of translation I ever got! Not only is she fluent in most European languages – she has translated for me in German, French, Italian and Spanish – but her English is pretty good too which makes it to easy for native English speakers to communicate with her, and explain one’s requirements etc.

Language proficiency is one thing, but the real area in which Paula stands out is her UNWAVERING professionalism and OUTSTANDING dedication – above and beyond – to her work! She is TRULY interested in the topics she translates, so much so that she once did an interview entirely on her own initiative for the purposes of reviewing one of my books (to provide context).

Not only is her translation impeccable, but she automatically takes care of (without even being asked to) the little “nuances” that come into play when translating from English to other languages (or vice versa). Most importantly, she takes feedback on board and implements it immediately. Her work has always been submitted professionally “with a smile” – on time – and in a manner that I have never had any chance to complain, and that is more than what I can say about a lot of translators I’ve worked with.

Paula will truly be an asset to any organization she works for – translation is but one of her talents – her entire (or concise, rather) bio can be found here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/language-translations/translator-bios/ (at the top of the page).

As a person, she is friendly, personable and easy to work with – and get along with.

In short, she’s great – and I highly recommend her as a person as well as translator for any projects you might have!

Feel free to contact me at info@spicyanderoticfetish.com with questions if any.


Mike Watson

Amen, Mike. Amen!


Mike Watson

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