Haughty and ARROGANT!

Christina Ma’am is so commanding, haughty, imperious, dominating, and … aRROGANT!

That 1000 yard STARE, boy, that cuts straight through you!

Remember Stallone in Rambo IV with that “1000 yard stare” he was told to drop – and never did – and spat back into the water as the cranky SAS guy didnt like it?

Well, Christina Ma’am – I would neither dare to tell her to drop it, nor would I want it to.

Ma’am, you’re SO GOOD, SO NICE!

Ma’am, it turns me SO, your eyes!

Ma’am, you shoudl be paid just to exist!!!!

Ma’am, the roads are so dusty, thats why I want to keep washing your perfect feet!

And as she lies there, legs spread dominantly, pushing me to the END of the bed, perched uncomfortably much like a foot massage worker in China perched uncomfortably on a tiny stool as th ecustomer, always the KING – spreads his or her legs and gets them massaged – …she just keeps staring!

I’ve often had – or felt awkward when going to these massages, as these girls doing it would stare at you – mostly to judge how their fingers impacted you.

How you felt after the massage.

But Christina Ma’am, just stares back imperiously at me, and I keep pressing!

It’s the cool sort of NOT CARING staring – a stare that just imparts nothing but DOMINANCE – a stare my tutor did all thos eyears ago at his servant – a stare that says without saying “you’re born to serve” – or rather “I’m born to be WORSHIPPED, boy!”

Those pursed lips, the limbs barely moving, the attitude that says YOU DO IT, boy!

What a Queen, Goddess, what perfection Christina Ma’am is!

Paye Lagu, MAdam!

And other girls that were – are – this perfect?

They all are!

Some of the best

Thats just a smattering of course, but it’s a great little smattering of books you should pick up NOW.

Do so – and let me know how they make you FEEL!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Glyn Schofield from Brum – that same “bozo guy” sent several “Sir pleaseeeeeeeeeeee” emails with his picture and wanting to be outed with his micro dick. I haven’t done it as yet – even though he’s paid for it – because I just dont want to deal with trolls. He’s literally begging me to take his money tho, so wait for a mugshot of his fat mug and tiny non existent “wanker” (except it’s so small you can’t wank it, lol) on the “outed” section …

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