The waifu dinner meal, appreciating it – and the TEMPLE of pleasure, sissy or not!

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The waifu dinner meal, appreciating it – and the TEMPLE of pleasure, sissy or not!



Lots to talk about!

But first, and let’s call her Miss H, the lovely Vietnamese “tranny” that has taken me for SUCH A loop over the past few days – just her lovely oval face, Asian eyes, lovely voice(that I haven’t heard!) – the feminine SKIN – the hair – the body – all of it so attractive, and down there?

Madam has a LOVELY – one of the loveliest dicks I’ve ever seen – I cannot get enough of it!

And, as I wrote about, it could be my dong – right down to the sexy and unique shape – and the broad base, and the dense balls – packed FULL OF CUM – and the phimotic tip I’d die for! 

She’s such a Queen and Goddess!

And the best part, after pleasuring her?

I could press her feet ALL NIGHT LONG!

And shed probably take all my money too, hehe, and I’d beg for her to take – much like Christina – ravishing and perfect Madam Christina – does ME!

My arms still hurt from pressing her legs all night, she’s truly demanding, I love such bossy BRATS – the older the better!

And if they have one kid around, all the more better, not because of the kid, but because it makes them even bitchier as I told you in one of my prior emails!

Anyway, that aside, the temple – and pleasure!

Works both for him and her.

Nipples, first boy!

They can – should be sucked – flicked – played with – BOTH for guys (no, guys, it’s not gay, in any case, labels are worthless) – they give the most scintillating, mind blowing orgasms EVER!

DICK AND BALLS – enough said – and pay attention to the BALLS, BOY! 

Sissies can have them busted regularly while they serve the other man’s – or ladys superior BALLS!

Ball boys, playing tennis with balls, balls are so much FUN, hun, and how to bust them – all in the course above!

Dick, well, enough said. I’ve written a treatise on that too!

(Funny though, I haven’t written a treatise as yet on FOOT massage and worship – or ass worship. Then again, my books do a mighty fine job of explaining that one! Maybe I’ll write a couple more manuals on both the above topics someday – if there is interest – do let me KNOW!)

And of course, ass hole – P SPOT – or not – both for men and women – highly erogenous area!

Make sure to pleasure him – and her – or both – and worship at their TEMPLES OF PLEASURE, boy!


“Thank you for appreciating the waifu dinner meal!”

So said Madam … lets say H. 

“Madam, your nipples, cock – of course, your BALLS – and your ass! And best part, after pleasuring you, I could … ” 

Ah, but we went there, didnt we?!

Life is fun.

And she’s just a .. just a GODDESS!

Ever since I saw her, this morning, all mornings, first thing on my mind is that lovely dong of hers, and how it should be in my mouth!

I can almost taste it right now, that thick lovely skin on it …

Paye lagu, Madam. YOU are so nice, and your DONG is so nice, it’s driven me “nuts” – pun – with LUST!


Mike Watson

PS – “WaiFu” is a term for fictional character in Japanese, I believe it originated from “Wai Fu” i.e. “wife” (in Mandarin Chinese it’s “Lao Po”).

For us sissies tho, that term holds such special connotations! I for one have always asked her to be MY MAN, not woman! Hehe.

And fictional? My books are always REALITY mixed in with a dash of creative license, not the other way around, hehe.

Dive in, you’ll see!

PS #2 – Some of my Tweets to Madam …

That sausage is all I want for dinner, drinks, from your balls!

Such big, DENSE balls. Love ’em!

It’s a manly sexy “brother”, which is what makes it so SEXY – with your beautiful self, pull your pants down, and that lovely PARADISE – your cock and balls waiting to be SERVED AND PAMPERED AWAITS. I leak thinking of it. Thank you, Madam! SO NICE!

Thank you, Princess! I’m truly a creative sissy, I do admit! Hehe. (even while sucking dick, hehe … I make sure to do the best job possible, I love it so much naturally!)

(when I called myself a Blow job Betty for her, and she said that was a creative term, and sent over a wonderfully sexy wink emoji!)

“xiao mei”. or mei mei. Little sister, big DICK. as you know. Even I so like being a sister for girls! Really, Princess. That thick dick in my mouth, just the smell would drive me NUTS (pun intended, hehe). And all that cum – that hot, sticky CUM … especially with nipple play involved. Giving you super pleasure is indeed, so NICE! Such a turn on!!

Well, well, well !

Can’t remember being thrown for SUCH A LOOP in a long time (those are SOME tweets, I could write a book or two on tweets I sent Madam alone!) ..

Madam Susan was the last time ..! (and she doesnt have dick, this lady does! )


PAYE LAGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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