Attract without being AWARE OF IT.

… is what I keep talking about in my world famous book on attracting female dominance to you in all its shapes, forms and guises.

And this book should be read – I repeat, MUST be read – along with, but not in place of (and if you invert the two books, the same applies, both go TOGETHER, not “without”) “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations“.

The former focuses on TIPS – the latter focuses on AFFIRMATIONS – and BOTH must be done together i.e. you can affirm until the cows come home, but until and unless you DO – nothing will happen.

(provided your affirmations are correct; thats another huge mistake people make i.e. they affirm the wrong things).

No, if you’re not rich, repeating “I’m rich” to yourself thousands of times won’t necessarily change a damn thing about your finances, despite what the self help experts say – it may and likely will make matters WORSE.

There is a trick to affirming – and a way to do it, and NOT to.

And I dont go into self help and affirmation per se in the book, but if you just affirm the way the second book tells you to i.e. the SAME language – exact same, or your own variant (but really, I’ve kept it simple so you guys can use the SAME language and get those results I keep talking about) – then you’re set.

Oddly enough, one of the EASIEST things to do in that regard i.e. attract on auto pilot – something so simple that most people pooh pooh it – is also the most powerful.

It requires even less thought and work than anything in any of my world class manuals on femdom/cuckolding/anything else.

It’s something my buddy in the fitness world (a super stud) keeps talking about in HIS books. 

(NB – If you’re into real man fitness, REAL stuff, let me know, and I’ll post a link to his site(s)). He has rave reviews everywhere, because his stuff really cuts past the BS and WORKS – much like MINE does, hehe).

I didnt learn it from him, but I read what he writes about it.

And, he’s right!

I’ve been doing this unconsciously for so long.

And the tip here?

Well, a story first – before I met the lovely and uber dominant Sophia, one of the MOST dominating and rude women I have ever been priveleged enough to be with, a true and complete and utter BRAT – born so! – “Madam, I love your NATURE the most!” – I believe I had this trick going in full swing!

I had a new laptop at the time, and one of the first things I did?

I put pictures of lovely cocks on it, lovelier women sucking it and sneering “down” at “me”.

And cock was just one picture.

Most of them were female SOLES, in the profound poses I love so much, write so much about!

Emblazon those poses in your mind, they alone do a fine, fine job of attracting …

Thats all I did though.

That period, I was focusing more on BUSINESS.

But before I knew it, I met Sophia through that amalgamation of circumstance I’ve written about so often.

So it’s happened with me with women and everything else all my life.

My fitness friend says this too i.e. if you want to get in top shape, then put a picture of yourself WHEN YOU WERE IN TOP SHAPE – somewhere you can see it all the time.

You dont need to even consciously think about it, but you can i.e. when you see the picture, you could choose to focus on it and how you were THEN – and bring those feelings into now and the future.

But with pictures, most of the time, especially pictures with cocks, soles, anything that means something to you – your subconscious mind goes into overdrive without you even BEING AWARE OF IT!

Now, most people pooh pooh this

“Just a picture” they sneer – and then they’re off for oddly enough, their daily JApanese porn …

Trust me, this trick WORKS.

Like magic.

And you dont even need to think about it.

And no, if you’re in an office or someplace where you cannot put it on your computer – then put it elsewhere …

There’s always a place!

Hell, carry it around in your pocket with you, like I often did Sophia’s lovers “used” dripping CONDOMS!

You’re so NICE, Madam! Thank you for the honor, means SO MUCH TO ME, your Korean lover’s DICK and his CUM! 

Or was that Lucy, hehe.

yes. Madam Lucy!

But either way, you get the drift.

And this tip works for everything – relationships – life – finances – and SEXUALITY!

Combine with what I say in the books above, and you simply cannot and won’t go wrong, friend.

And thats that for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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