Why BRAINS ultimately trump ALL.

And for guys, it isn’t the brains in the dickhead, hehe.

Although dickheads are so sexy, today’s email will force you to think.

And after what Madam Dani and me have been talking about … I explained it all on the other site – I’ve been doing some (serious and very interesting thinking).

One thing led to another.

And mostly it was about the LONG – too long – list of women I’ve been privileged to be with, serve, be cuckolded by, and so forth …

The other day, Princess Lucy sent me a message about “you just want me for yourself!

Which was astounding, given all the encouragement I’ve given her to enjoy herself with her other men (but she still wants me, hehe, as I have said).

True, the more you run after something the more it runs away from you, but in that case two things –

One, I never ever actively asked her to cuckold me – or stop seeing other men – or most pertinently, START seeing them.

Much like with perfect Madam Su, she did it already – I just encouraged her!

Su used to always ask me about “how can you enjoy me with other men if you love me!”

True if you’re talking traditional love, but cuck love and sissy love aren’t that!


Labels, that ole bugbear…

And what about the OTHER way?

IF a woman truly loves you, and wants YOU – will she really want other men no matter how good they are – or not – in bed?

Ever notice how it’s the business magnates and politicians that get a lot of hot women, despite these women later saying they were terrible in bed.

Could be Stallone and Brigette Nielsen, could be Donald Trump and … Stormy Daniels, hehe.

In each case, and usually many – the women complain the men never “lived up to their billing as studs” – the polar opposite.

Now, these men put their energy into building their lives, businesses, and TRANSMUTED their sexual energy – and the results show.

And it’s that which attracts, my friend.

I keep saying that in one way or other in the pathbreaking book on attracting femdom to you – which can be used, much like Think and Grow Rich, to attract ANYTHING to you – money included if you so desire it.

It’s truly the Think and Grow Rich of the femdom world!

But … back to the topic.

SO, I was thinking women.

And this question popped into my mind repeatedly.

How did a cuckold like me who cums the minute he’s inside a woman, who can barely get it up unless he looks at cock, feet and SOLES – who even ladies of the night regard as a pushover – most women do! – and so forth – seemingly line up women – a list so long most studs would be “envious”.

The answer came to me this.

“No, you FOOL! How could I forget you!”

Princess Sophia, hehe.

After a few days of not talking (I joked she was into her Korean stud so much she forgot me!)

One thing led to another, we talked more.

“I do this to you because you LET me”, she giggled. “I don’t do it to anyone else, I’m very polite, especially with foreigners, extra polite, you, I treat like Chinese man, but I’m even ruders!” she finished.

The KEY is right there.

It’s the fine line between being a truly simpering simpy simp – and one that knows where to draw the line.

I’ve never been shy about cutting people out of my life.

On Twitter, I keep having people mentioning me – people that would have nothing to do with me in real life, except they just want to build their follower bases “on my back”.

Not all, but many!

And I ignore these people – no matter how sexy or not their posts might be.

To me, it’s about something else altogether.

Back to the long list.

Sure, all these women had different men

Long lines to choose from!

But … yours truly?

What a woman REALLY wants, my friend – friendship – feeling close – stability – and then of course, hot sex, all interlinked!

And I’ve found often times women are willing to make concessions on one of these – namely the last – provided the man’s BRAINS turn them on.

That, ultimately is what DOES IT – and if you’re good looking , in shape, well, thats even better.

But I was FAT when I had some of my best femdom – and non femdom (blink and you’ll miss it, but yours truly has appeared in super stud avatar too …) experiences, and had no money sometimes.

Yet, it mattered not an iota.

It’s the brains, the free mind and spirit, the thinking …

THAT is what attracts, and copying me, or mentioning me on Twtiter won’t do it.

YOU have to learn from ME if you want to duplicat emy results, but you have to understand that ultimately, YOU have to put in the work.

Think about it …

It could be Dani’s stud that bangs her so well, she sucks him off – and then we talk about it, and then he just up and pulls a disappearing act, then she calls him a flop show (well, she’s right. Hehe. I say that too!) ..

Could be ANY WOMAN in that position …

Basically, he fed her tall tales for sex – and then dumped her the instant “she started to like him and think there was a chance”.

As for her, she “always knew” it would lead to nothing, and it was just sex, but deep down inside, she wanted companionship …

(and, of course, stability etc – and MONEY – which lets face it – women and men BOTH have their reasons for doing what they do!)

And MONEY is always the most important for a woman. Hehe. Ultimately, that is what counts – and that comes with (and only stays if you have) … ultimately, BRAINS – and the willingness to USE them! (for a guy).

(and for guys like me, women who can put aside the other stuff and talk .. with a BRAIN!) i.e. take the time to learn about what the other person likes, wants, which most women I’ve been with in any capacity have always been more than happy to do …

And they were all the sort that never “slept around” or ran after men (unlike a lot of my male friends and simps. Hehe).

To me, ultimately, the sex aside, if a woman does choose her ideal mate – it will be one with BRAINS. Hehe.

It’s who a lady TALKS to more – not so much who she sleeps with …

Anyway, thats my take on it!

LEt me know yours.

And in the meantime, remember, cucks and sissies and everyone else – ah, but you already know it.

I’ll just end with a link to my bestselling books – HERE.

Pick some up now – you’ll love ’em!


Mike Watson

PS – Back to “do I want her all for myself”

An astounding question asked by Lucy …

Thinking about it?

I want her to PLAY with me for myself – yes – feel close etc. I dont want her with other men etc .. YES … but all that only if it’s a real relationship, not simply “play and fetish!”

I dont know if Lucy has confused the two …

That fine line, as I keep saying, Madam Carrie confused it so well too!

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