Why I so happily and WITHOUT RESERVATION promote sissies, faggots, Madams, Bozos and the LOT (YOU, in short!) and LOVE DOING IT, and will keep doing IT!

Shameless self promotion.

Ever hear the term, folks?

If you’ve been on social media for any length of time – then you’ll know what it is.

Nigh EVERYONE is always promoting their stuff these days, a relentless barrage of marketing – so much so that even when emails from someone like me hit your Inbox, you’re wondering “oh no, no more promotion!”

(some people are)

(and yes, these people love my stuff, believe me – more on this later).

But my Twitter and WeChat feeds – I wont share the latter, but Twitter? Its very public!

(Wechat is controlled by Madam)

My Twitter feed is the exact, POLAR and RELENTLESS opposite.

I’ll share, retweet, reply to .. .ANYONE … provided their posts and tweets show they have a mind, know how to use it, and arent mindless Bozo Schofield types.

A lady Freda that recently joined Twitter, new to femdom, messaged me.

She was curious!

She also has such lovely feet!


I dont deserve your middle finger, but I DO!

She makes me SO WEAK, but PRincess Sophia – well, more on her later.

She basically is a customer (she bought Sin City Compilations and Submissive Musings in Mainland China – much to my surprise, she enjoyed BOTH equally – not just the latter which is mostly findom) …

And she was asking me just why I promoted OTHERS so much, and not myself.

Well, it’s an interesting question, but first off ,Madam Freda (Madam, please let me call you MAdam – or Madam Fred, you’re so DOMINANT!!) …

Believe me, as I’ve said before, we ARE the Amazon of fetish – and our outstanding books, manuals, products, there is NOTHING like it out there.

50 shades of grey – step – ASIDE.

Trust me, I’m the real Mc Coy of femdom, my numerous fans KNOW IT, and there’s proof and reason behind it – my track record speaks for itself.

I also sell quite well – trust me, even if I didnt promote a single one of my items from today, they’d STILL sell like hot cakes.

True, it took some work to get to that point, but thats how it is today (metamorphically speaking I’d still sell bazillions. No, I’m not as rich as Heff … Jeff, I mean, Bezos as yet, but thats so,meday!).

And whether riches to that extent happen or not, for me, back to Madams questions?

Because, as a friend once told me for a group in China that I administered, one of the best ever (I let a group member invite tons of others to it) …


Provided theyre not Bozo Schofield and his posse, YES!

I.e. no trolls and idiots and time wasting morons!

My Twitter list is HIGH QUALITY, friend! 

Yet, I didn’t actively seek these people out!

And whether or not I make anything off it?


And I never thought of doing so, I dont care either way.

These ladies are so NICE for one! (Madam Tranny’s ya’ll included too!) – and so are the STUDS!

And the cucks and simps too, hehe.

I’d rather be called utopian and have the people are essentially GOOD thinking than the “everyone’s out to screw me thinking” which most people have these days.

Hence, and perhaps, my results in real life (one reason).

But it’s never about money – Id’ still do the same damn thing even if I didnt sell a book – or even if I sold (which I do NOW, hehe) BaZILLIONS!

(and believe me, I DO promote my own stuff too, but not “intrusively”)

Think about it, I asked for help for Princess Dani the other day.

She’s not even on Twitter, and wont get on it, because she doesnt want the hassle of dealing with salivating Bozos into findom and what not, and neediness, and what not.

Princess Sophia won’t either – same reason!

I’ve even received responses for the former.

One, a typical Bozo type asking “what can she do for me”

he was instantly not just removed from the list, but I didnt reply to him.

The second guy is trying to sort his own relationship out but I could tell right off the bat he’s NOT a time waster.

Which is great!

But really …

My Twitter sometimes just has stuff like “when I looked at my tap spurting water, my sissy cock and how it spurts – THAT Moment of sissygasm when it INVOLUNTARILY becomes GIANT HARD as a rock and spurts away” …THAT came to mind. 

Or, Madam you’re so nice!

Which she IS!

And the one thing that makes it all worth it, Madam Reina’s faggot – or being it – as MADAM lies there, legs spread wide, lovely sOLES being PRESSED by me … and between her legs, the treasure, the ultimate treasure – her lovely phimotic DONG!

And those CREASED BALLS I wrote about this morning!

I swear, Madam!

I’d promote you for free anyday, and still do!

(and last, but NOT LEAST, if you think that simply turning into a tweet bot will skyrocket sales, followers, exposure for YOU – WRONG!
That ain’t the half of it.
People aren’t stupid, they can TELL!
Just thought I’d say that, just for the record!)


Mike Watson

PS – This isn’t to be confused with “entertaining freebie seekers” by the way! But really, I’ve been known for doing the polar opposite of what most of the world “sheep” does at any point, and this isn’t an exception to that RULE. Hehe .

PS #2 – Sissies and faggots, here are two courses you MUST get – pleasure like NEVER BEFORE – Nipplegasm Central (you faggots love your nipples sucked and played with!) – and Sissygasm Central – SELF EXPLANATORY, SISSY BOY!

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