Why I so LOVE my nipples being sucked…!


The first time I encountered such CRAVEN DEVOTION was – when I was old enough and sexually aware to appreciate feet – and soles!

Sometimes, male soles too – I remember growing up always not wanting to “show my feet or soles”, being “ashamed of them” and so forth.

I dont know why.

My feet are just like a girls’, as Madam Carol once said – that BROAD shape to the foot, not slim and angular!

And as I see a certain Madam Sofia’s sole – I dont know her – it could be MY SOLE!

Just like a certain tranny I am SO DEVOTED TO – her dick could be mine!

(I’d drink her piss all day long, I dont even want her to touch her own dick, so lovely is that DICK!)

Anyway …

What I’ve not written about so much – directly – is that craven feeling of submission is often, if not usually accompanied by sneaky nipple flicks!

In fact, ALL of my sexual adventures – without nipples – they would be less than half!

Trust me, just looking at a lady’s sole, or thinking about femdom in any way causes my nipples to go PERT!

Big time – that is the level of mental conditioning I’ve reached – and my P spot automatically starts to vibrate.

You’ll have to really get into it – pun intended – to truly “feel it”.

And once you do, oh my!

The VERY first time I was introduced to nipple play tho, wasn’t “Madam Liao” as I wrote about in Sin City Diaries – Volume One.

She merely awakened a long dormant desire and need I had long consciously forgotten about with a simple flick!

My oh my, I used to jerk off the normal way once – how STUPID I WAS!

(and as I see my lovely girl , or man, or whatever you call her – jerk off with a “two finger” technique I probably pioneered in 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his life and have him SALIVATING FOR MORE! – I say that again – I was stupid to jerk off normally!)

Actually, not really – even when I was a kid, I’d often jerk off in the manner as I wrote about in the book.

But in 1998, I met a girl in the US that somehow, inexplicably, with NO femdom involved (at the time) made her way to my nipples.


The minute those lips touched my nipples!

“Baby, the nipples are a very sensitive part on most men!” 

YES, they are – pity most men dont get it though -or if they do, they HIDE their preference for nipple play.

“I’m not into that!” 

“Huh! I’m not gay!’ 

What idiots men can be.

Gay my ass… (pun not intended).

It’s one of the best ways to achieve carnal bliss ie nipplegasms!

Think about it, sitting here, there, anywhere, even the office, the minute those nipples PERK up – oh my!

And of course, femdom wise, theyre a great tool to control the male of the species and reduce him to a blubbering mess within SECONDS.


And Ive had so many ways it’s been done to me, all mentioned in Nipplegasm Central from a tips standpoint teaching YOU how to do it – my famous books – and also Sin City Diaries!

Everything I Write, I should say basically if you look for it.

Some examples…

Anne used to wake up in the morning, and suck my nipples – but only ONE at a time, she’d leave me wantin more – with both “waiting”to be either sucked or flicked simulataneously!

Carol would flick one, suck another – what bliss!

And even perfect Madam Ashley – she of the “you do nothing, boy!” – she was truly an expert at sucking nipples and giving the most awesome HJ ever!

That story, of course, in 11 Missed Femdom REcollections…   (opportunities, not recollections – the latter is HERE). YES, they’re DIFFERENT, they both serve the same central purpose ie. femdom, but one – you can learn from and actively implement lessons learnt in your own life – and the second, well, it’s just an interesting SEXY as heck read – all true, all real, gives you more of an insight into Mike Watson’s most “sexy” mind!

(believe me, you’ll want to pick these BOTH Up – NOW. Truly the best ever).

And all the girls I’ve been with – you’ll see in the books etc- nipples – form an integral part of it all!

Why any man wouldn’t want to enter the realm of pure, unadulterate carnal bliss due to some silly “Gay” label or whatever?


For you reading this, thereeth endeth the very sage lesson…

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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