Why I so love Asian ladyboys!

Especially the feminine ones!

I was recently reading a tale about a guy in Vietnam meeting a stunningly gorgeous woman online.

He was hooked – he was chatting – they were about to meet, and then Madam dropped the penny.

She was actually a guy!

For him, it was an instant “downer” and a shock – which I get it!

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a girl I met in China online through that BDSM group I started on WeChat all those years ago, then gave up, left…

She was just gorgeous, Madam Wendy – not the one that took me to a gay bar, of course, but another Wendy – and I told him EVERYTHING right off the bat!



But during a point in that conversation, she said the following.

“I’m a woman now! Who knows, someday I’ll be man again!”

I dont know what it was.

Translation errors, maybe, but I got the idea she had a dick.

So I asked her, and the answers were ambigous, and we got into a bit of an argument.

I felt let down, cheated, betrayed, so I’m sure did the dude above!

But later, I thought about it!

And I kissed Madam’s feet and apologized.

“Madam, I’d suck your cock all day!” 

She doesnt have a cock – she is a biological female, and a female otherwise too.

But she’s dominant as heck!

Just like my Master!

And I’d suck her cock all day yes. I just had a bit of that guilt tripping I write so much about that you should avoid – and that I do – but hey, I’m not immune to it all – I gotta “spank” my own ass occasionally in that regard!

I still remember Madam Cicy, a student of mine giggling about ladyboys in class.

“You can try in Thailand”, she giggled in front of all the other students.

Now, she said it jokingly, but little did she know!

She knew!


Anyway, I’ve been talking to one of these fine ladies, who is a man yes – but so feminine that I’d never think she was a man!

Lots of Asian men are that way, that smooth sexy skin, those hung slim sexy cocks, the lovely BALLS, the pert asses … all make for a perfect female if they so choose, many do … and this lady’s COCK!

My oh my, it could be mine!

Phimotic to an extreme (not as much as mine) – curved to the front … SO SEXY, that banana dick and elephant snout, with the overall package, I’d suck her all day, and though I’m not much of a one for covid so called vaccinations, I’d drink her cum all day as vaccines for anything!


And I’d press her feet, do the laundry, buy her makeup, beg her to rape me – and my wallet … 

I dont know, I’ve never been much of a one for ladyboys, but just talking to this lady – or man – hey, labels dont matter! – I feel a surge of HOT PURE LUST running through me, that DONG of hers!

The whole package, so soft and sexy!

The hands in her case sort of gave it away, but thats to me – if it was anyone else, they wouldn’t even notice!

Vietnam, my friend, is a great great place to visit. Trust me on this one!

I’ve written Sin City Diaries on China – I could write three more books about my experiences in Vietnam in that regard!

Perhaps I will.

And life’s so much, especially when you’re a cuckold whose cock never stays hard when asked to have sex, but when humiliated, playing a sissy, I’m harder than any stud could be! – … and dating a ladyboy, with all the femdom and dominance?

And the knowledge that when YOU pull her pants down – what will pop out?

Your treasure!

And her pleasure!

Both being the same …

And there’s no expectation to have any real man sex with ladyboys either! THEY know – we do – the perfect combo.

Madam Wendy was so right when she made the gay bar comment.

“Lets go to a gay bar together!”

She knew.

They ALL DO!

Paye LAgu, Madam JI! You’re so worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – Cocks, cocks, cocks. I think I posted about 200 plus images of cocks the other day on Twitter, hehe. And the best manual cock worship wise is right here – Cock Worship for Bozos, Sissies and Faggots. (I put the Bozo in there too hehe).

Thin kabout it, looking at Sir -or Madam’s big dong, all of us become Bozos! Hehe. DEER IN HEADLIGHTS!!

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