Why i SO love the smell of MUSK on his NUTS!

Or, under!!!

Those dark bodily crevices, all of ’em! Armpits, assholes … and of course male genitals – and UNDER THEM!

I’ll never forget an instance when I was (this is NOT mentioned in Sin City Diaries) where I once came with a simple flick of the nipples in China (for yours truly sissified, thats normal! Hehe – these days, my prostrate throbs all day long even without a butt plug, so powerful has the conditioning become!) …

And, with my phimotic to an extreme penis (I can’t even see the head when it’s tiny and flaccid) … and very hairy balls and “large” balls – it was a mess x 10.

Madam giggled, and reached for something to clean it up.


I yelled!

It wasn’t so much the ingrown toenail she (accidentally) smashed her boot against once – now THAT was painful!

And NOT intentional on either party’s part.

That was Madam Liao, she IS mentioned in Sin City Diaries … Volume one, so apt, she was one of the first, perhaps THE First …

“She really likes you!” I remember my ex girifriend in the U.S. telling me wistfully when I spoke about her. “Sometimes, language isn’t necessary!” 

She spoke no English. I spoke no Chinese (my first few months there, so…)


Thats ALL that mattered!

She did it! So did I!

But anyway, so as she was sucking my nipples one day her foot slammed up against my toe, my, that pain from the toes, it had become so tender to the touch that an operation was required (I got two done in Hong Kong for it – cost me a pretty penny too, thankfully insurance reimbursed it!!) … OUCH!

It was the side of my right toe, I believe.

But that ouch was different.

This ouch was because cum had gotten stuck to my hairy nuts.

And she carefully, delicately, pried each hair apart …

She’s so nice!!!!!!!!!

But that reminded me of MUSK on balls!

Often times, Jerome (Madam Su’s main lover) came “home” after a workout (to my home. Hehe).

And I’d be pulling his pants down (normal) – but the SMELLS!

Nothing quite like the smell of sweat from a man’s dick – pubes – and his balls!

And it truly gets the humiliation going for a lot of y’all!

For me, it’ sjust sexy, the must, the MUSK – the smell!

Not even a stench there – I’d leave that to Pooja Memsahib’s royal poo, equally sexy!

Those TURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But for balls, and his ass – or hers – all those unique smells?

I love ’em so!

Armpits too, though I haven’t written about them before, but a lady once (she was sucking my nipples) did it for me – it felt great!

Of course, all I wanted to do was do it for her.

And as she “knelt” next to my friend, who was eagerly looking for juicy details on how Mike Watson with his large foreign cock banged the Chinese girls, she told him.

He was confused.

“why you not do!” 

I made some excuse bout my tummy burbling or something (it was, actually – too much hot Sichuan soup that day).

No, I wasn’t nervous at all!

But, the usual question – “why no sex”.

Madam knelt by him.

Not me.

Though we both paid equal!

That was because he was Chinese ethnically, and there is a different set of rules for foreigners – win some, lose some, and thats fine…

But … he told her to sit next to him …

Anyway, I dont know where I’m going with this!

Except those smells drive me nuts with lust – pun very much intended, and these days, even those phimotic penises – SO COMMON to us efetishists!

Truly a great, great dong loving community are we!

And on that note, I’ve never seen my own cock head.

“Why I can’t see the head, boy!”

Madam, so I can see the bottom of your feet!

Ashley knew that. Hehe.

But, she wanted a real man … And that was a missed femdom opportunity to be sure!

But anyway, I’d love to suck those elephant snouts too …

And trust me, the tips in Cock Worship for Sissies, Bozos and Faggots work for ALL types of cocks.

Get your loving on HERE.


Mike Watson

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