My golf sized BALLS – and why I love being a virgin for Madam Virginia!

Paye Lagu, Madam, those soles, those SOLES! OH MY! LOng, tantalizing, enticing, the BARE LEG abov eit too!


But anyway, it isn’t about her feet, its about … Madam Virginia, truly, her mind!

I SO LOVE being her virgin – or virginia. Hehe.

So apt, that name.

You on this list know how she loves plenty of men ministering to her – at one time.

She takes the “one for your shoulders, one for your head, two for your feet” – FIVE – the magic number to another level altogether.

And like Priyanka, she often has wild sex with them too that Is o enjoy, while me?

I haven’t cum in ages.

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have a REAL MAN orgasm.

Neither do I EVER want one, to be honest, I mean, I want it, but the let down!

I’d rather my repeated tease and nipplegasms, the best ever!

I’d rather cum in pant, out of control, as a fully clothed massage girl in China flicks my nipples, and LAUGHS at me openly, and I pay her for it, while she serves another men and women like GODS!

Truly so, they KNOW!

And they take my money too, hehe.

Virginia Maam is currently selling her used clothes. Anyone want it, let me know!

I’ve washed and worn them too, hehe. Continue to!

But anyway, that kick she adminstered to the bollocks Mike Watson style – is finally starting to abate for hours.

And you know my balls.

Always swollen from not cumming. 

And now, she’s SMACKED THEM ONE!

I can almost feel the cum escaping into my body, I can taste it!

And, the balls are EVEN bigger now, hehe.

On the other hand, I love big balls, again, especially when those big meaty asses and THEIR ASSCRACKS – so tantalizing – right in front of me!

truly, balls are wonderful. Absolutely so

And, ther eis way to smack ’em repeatedly, and a way not to.

Trust me, do it wrong, you could injure yourself bad – or worse.

Same thing with sissygasms, and hence, my friend, hence …

The real Mc Coy of Femdom brings you the two courses – and more – linked above.

Learn, appreciate – and ENJOY!



Mike Watson

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