My lovely new earrings!

I was looking at a sportsperson with an earring as of late.

BDSM aside, the dude married an older lady, pro boxer – or maybe amateur, I believe the dude is from India.

Open minded, I’ll say that – thank you, especially bearing that part of the world!

That aside, earring, immediately a picture of ME with earrings looking all pretty flashed into mind!

I already wear a neck chain, and have long hair – earrings? Never quite taken it that far, hehe.

But I might someday, would look lovely with my long black lustrous hair!


For whatever reason last night three cocks were pointing at me while I – or someone, was on their knees, hehe. Three long – or lovely , I guess white cocks, all cut!

Nothing else other than that just that as (I believe) I flicked one’s nipple, then I woke up, then I thought of HIM –


Actually I thought of the second guy first. So SEXY – that thick dong! So HORNY!

First one is a classic though, I love that penis too.

I believe I thought of Master Wang! (yes, before going to bed. Sir, its been so long, muah!) (it truly has).

And that long penis of his, so perfectly cut, pubes so lovely and well shaped in a triangle poking out from his work trousers, security guard, how MANLY!


That was all in dream – mostly -land.

But this afternoon a Twitter comment on a long forgotten post reminded me of the dream and as always, why ie. the premonition behind it.

“He;s got a nice one!”

He was referring to a black guy, built like a Gorilla, a guy who I’ve talked to often – and cuckolds men so well! Hehe.


We joked about how “gorilla dick” shouldn’t be used. Hehe. It shouldn’t! (not to mention they have small ones, he doesnt. hehe).

But anyway – dude is smart which is why I chat with him.

“He’s intelligent too which is the best thing, so easy to have a conversation!”. I chimed in.

Which he is.


“Damn”, I then said.

I sounded just like a woman there! 

And I did. Hehe

Women are right in that regard though, not that they are not in others.

I’d look lovely with my lipstick (red) and pretty face and earrings and willing thick LIPS suckin dick!

And that, my friend, truly says it all – that is indeed a compilation for the ages, and I dont EVEN look my prettiest there – I’m improving daily, muah!


Mike Watson

PS – Why it’s so Apt Sissy Central is one of our “perennial” bestsellers, much like those stud dicks that never stop “giving” – femdom is a gift that is the same. Hehe. Read it!

PS #2 – The jury is out on the earrings. Should I? Should I not – write back – tell me!


I was thinking of asking Megan. Hehe. Maybe I will NOW. More sissy Confessions HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving ALL!  Lots of cum on that turkey,. hehe. Turkey sauce, or turkish? ?

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