Preference – or SEXUALITY?

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Preference – or SEXUALITY?

Spicy Erotic

Are both fluid? Not?

Let me sink my cock stained teeth into this, hehe, but first …

I didnt mention this in the last dispatch but did on Twitter – “Serving an Indian Goddess” in addition to all the other fine fine languages it’s already translated into, is now been translated into Spanish!

It isnt Dani doing it – another translator – he’s a great guy!

Curiously enough, or maybe not, he started with Volume #2.

Given some things going on in my life and the Universe talking to me as it always does, it made perfect sense, so I told him to keep working on II – and do I thereafter!

I’ll keep you posted on that.

Then, I got a message from Guilherme – another translator who is going to be translating the outstanding compilation for cuckolds, the very best out there – into Portugese!!!

Cuckold Compilations, YES, Princess JOANIE! 

Paye Lagu, Memsahib Ji!

(just as I was thinking about being a sissy, what to write to you, hehe)

Thank you, Universe I should say !

Anyway, he brought up a FANTASTIC POINT – something which yours truly hasn’t until now – not even in my world famous and most outstanding manuals.

Hi, Mike. I trust all is well with you and your dearest, especially during these pandemic days. This is simply the genre I not only enjoy, but have experience in both translation and academic research. Please note that I have changed preference for sexuality as I definitively do NOT believe it is merely a “preference”. Let me know if this OK with you or if I should keep preference en lieu of sexuality. Keep safe. Best. g.

I guess that explains it all!

This dude is definitely “qualified”.

But, his question – it made me stop and think!

I was tempted to tell him what I would in most cases, ie leave the wording as is, just translate.

But, something caused me to pause.

Is it really a preference?

I keep stating in the Sequel to Serving an Indian Goddess, and all my books – this – that you cannot get away from who you truly are, and life ALWAYS comes full circle!

True, if we visualize certain things as being “what we want” – then THAT is what comes true in our lives.

But, would we really (those of us that are in m/f relationships, not just the cock sucking, haha) – visualize with feeling a relationship with another man, for instance?

FEelings, and emotions are what attract…

I dont know, to me?

Plenty of efforts have been made to change me.

NONE have succeeded.

The seeds of femdom to an extent, I believe, were planted in me by a NAzi feminist mother – NOT a good thing!

But, apart from that …

That experience I detail in the book, for instance, about sucking cock – at at age and before which I had never, not even ONCE – thought COCK.


Sure, I had seen cock once – perhaps my Dad’s as he was changing once – but thats IT.

And there were NO thoughts of any nature upon seeing it, just “whatever”.

No sexual, no nothing…

Yet, some of the things I did from a very young age fetish wise – including SOLE fetish – toilet fetish (I’ve written tomes on #1, but not #2 – maybe I will soon!) – I dont think they were implanted in me by “actions”.

Thoughts, perhaps.

Genes, perhaps.

Sure, I CHOSE to suck cock that night. 

But I didnt choose!

I WANTED to, so bad that I kept cumming for ages after I came twice!

Today, more than 30 years later, I still cum to that cock – and many cocks!

So he’s right, it isnt just preference.

It’s who YOU ARE.

And it’s fluid, of course, and can change…

So preference plays into it, yes.

And that word is often used – but it’s not just about that, I’ll tell you that much!

Anyway, G, thank you so much for the great question; much appreciated!

Look forward to your review of the book as well as a reader.

And YOU, my dear reader owe it to yourself to pick up Cuckold Compilations now – and write back – and use the review link yo uget in the email to tell me what you thought!

And thats it.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – My reply to G –

Hi G

Thanks for your offer – and the most interesting question you posed!

Preference or sexuality – thats a great, great question and one I’ll address on my blog soon – you could sign up for the free newsletter if you wish. With regard to the translation – I checked the sample you sent over, and all looks OK – so please go ahead.

I look forward to receiving the final translation ; please make sure and leave all page breaks etc as are – and as for changing the word?

Let me think … Change it – YES!

Best, Mike Watson

PS – Also, do leave a brief review of the book (just a few lines sharing your thoughts as a reader if you dont mind) – it really helps!

So why do I tell you that after all the above?

First, you SHOULD sign up for our daily newsletter – they will ALWAYS remain free – right HERE.

And second, folks, leave reviews. They really help, and you get an auto 10% off your NEXT purchase to boot!

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