Why I love going to foot massages in china!

So I’ve written a lot about this, haven’t I?

And as I was mulling over writing a post about COOL and CASUAL, yet calculated femdom – well – this one came to mind!

As for casual yet deliberate femdom?

Read what I wrote about the Pakistani GODDESS in the last post!

My hands have been shaking since the morning, or late afternoon – ever since I wrote about Princess Sherrry, and it hasn’t stopped!

She is so dominant!

So superior!

So is the Pakistani QUEEN I wrote about, and even sent you a link for!

I’ll see if I can find Sherry’s picture to show you. You, the femdom lover will LOVE IT !

But anyway, they ALL Are dominant, and should be!

And what turned me on most about the Pakistani video I shared was 1) the verbal denigration along with the foot massage 2) the way the lady is imperious yet relaxed, because she KNOWS the servant is a TOOL for her, for her pleasure, to serve at HER WHIMS, and 3) the causal foot waves!

Women often move their feet about casually. You know what I mean!

And the foot massage.

Some of the most looked down upon workers in China are foot massage workers, if just because of the nature of their job. Massage workers in general (the girls). And of course ladies of the night.

They all, to an extent started out doing what they were paid to.

But I enjoyed introducing them to getting paid, and WORSHIPPED!

And then they of course took full advantage of it, which I wanted!

Could be the girl makin fun of my man boobs and looking at my sissy cum with disgust. EWW!

Could be the one who was IRRITATED while giving me a handjob!

Could be any of them who tried to get away with doing less!

Could be perfect Madam Bao whose cracked feet I started rubbing!

“Your girlfriend will be very happy, boy!”

IS it any wonder she ran away without even givnig me the time I paid for?

And wanted more money later!

I am not worthy! ;0

Or perfect Goddess Sophia that called me a cuckold, loser, idiot and moron. Amongst others!

“Because you let me do it to you”

And I do. I was the only one she talked to like that!

(I just leaked in my panties writing this!)

Sissies ar elike that!

And ladies like Princess Joanie enjoy it (while they’re polite to OTHER MEN!)

And as Joanie rightly told me!

“You’re polite!”

“I mean, you’re more polite than …”

Do you like it, Madam!

“Yes, very much, boy!”

PAYE LAGU, Madam Ji! All of you!

And the rest is all mentioned in Princess Joanie, of course.



Mike Watson

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