How you know a woman is truly a Goddess at heart (as Melanie truly is, hehe).


Picture the following post sent into ME by a friend of mine from a decidely non fetish network about a certain Melanie

Is Sunday for self-care?

Sometimes – if I have the time, and the weather is p** so I’m not going out climbing.

So today I’m going to do a bit of pampering.

To my feet! ?

Does your self-care include footcare? It really should.

Remember the fad for foot spas? Or rather, the fad for buying people foot spas as gifts. And then all the ads for foot spas being sold second hand as an ‘unwanted gift’? ?

Well, I’ve got to tell you, foot spas are brilliant, and the first stage of my foot-pampering process.

To start, spend fifteen minutes with your feet in hot bubbling water with some magnesium salts dissolved in it, with the vibrate function on, running your soles over the massage rollers while sitting in a comfy chair.

Next, get yourself a Micro-Pedi, and spend a good few minutes literally sanding the rough, dead skin off your feet.

Finish off with massaging a thick, rich foot balm into your feet.

Your feet will feel amazing, I promise.

I don’t do it as often as I should, which makes it such a treat when I have the time. And as a rock climber, my feet do take a bit of a battering, so they need me to show them some love.

If you’re smart, if you’re like me, hehe, then TWO things come to your mind.

One, and obviously – rock climbing – what about care for FINGERS?


This lady has completely SKIPPED IT!

And two – well, the amount of time she spends writing about her feet.

This isn’t the first time either, hehe. She loves foot care!

And, she’s a Goddess – I felt that the minute I spoke to her, and if YOU arne’t thinking “what a goddess!” when you read this, you ain’t no real femdom lover either. Hehe.

She’s a white lady.

And, she’s just like one of the most dominant ones I once wrote about! An immensely popular, an dmuch underrated book – check it out here – Her Brown Slut.

I’ll be back!


mike Watson

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