Princess May … and her strappy black sandals!

Dear Reader,

So,  I believe I mentioned my very lucid and vivid dreams in the last post, eh?

The dreams where an Indian Goddess showed up – – and it wasn’t just HER that showed up – – it was her showing off her soles and lovely calves to FULL effect.

Lovely bare calves, clad in silver strappy sandals that went all the way up to mid calf, the right foot raised partially to give me a glimpse of that lovely broad smooth and fair sole …

I didn’t think much of it, of course. I have these dreams all the time, but yet, I speak constantly of how dreams have foretold the future for me in many cases – and have been the harbinger of news, both good or bad in many regards.

And of course, I’ve mentioned and STRESSED galore that we attract what we think about at the deepest levels. This is one of the key concepts mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland, and truth be told while I wrote that manual with Chinese ladies in mind, the truisms in there apply to dominant ladies from ANY nationality – or of any ethnic origin.

And yesterday, while I was engaged in something completely opposite to fetish – or even writing, I “met” this girl May online.

Much like I met Princess Joanie online, of course. I added here – but while Joanie’s eyes had that look that instantly captivated me, I added “May” for a different reason.

But she had the look too, of course. Oh YES, she did and I believe while the “external” reasons for my adding her were of course present, the REAL reason was that lovely, sexy, dominant aura she gave off – – and a quick perusal of the selfies etc she posted on WeChat showed that I was NOT wrong.

Vibes and the subconscious never ever lie! 

We may not be able to logically decipher what goes on within, but THEY are truly what control EVERY aspect of our lives, my friend. 

And I saw her enjoying herself on vacation – lovely smooth feet clad in … yes, you guessed it.

Black strappy sandals, oh so sexy those sandals are, much like I bought for the gorgeous Madam Andy (pics on Twitter) – – and extending all the way up to mid -calf like in my dream.

As if THAT wasn’t enough, the first pic I saw on her moments list was her bare feet along with a dog.

Of course, just a routine pic you might say, but it never is, my friend. It never is “just routine” – or coincidence!

To top all this off, here is another doozey.

I believe I mentioned in the last email that I hadn’t seen the Indian Goddess (in the park) that I’ve referenced a lot here?

Perhaps because of the cold weather, and perhaps because it gets dark a lot earlier, but I saw her yesterday – but I didn’t see her FACE as I normally do.

No – I saw HER – but her BACK – and her CALVES – and though she was wearing jeans and sneakers, the general import of the situation was the same!

We truly do attract what we think about, my friend – – and if you’re finding trouble attracting the dominant lady of your dreams – – or a dominant lady in general – – it might be well worth it to do some soul searching – – and examine what you TRULY feel when you see a lady – – and your thoughts on female domination in general.

Or, even your first thoughts in the morning when you wake up …

And on that note, it’s adios for this email. I know NOT if I will meet May in real life – but if I do – hey – I’ll keep y’all posted for SURE!


Mike Watson

P.S. – My initial impression was that Madam May was in a relationship, but I’m not quite sure. Either way, it’s all good. Paradise for a cuck – – or findom enthusiast – – or human ATM – – I should say! 😉

On that note, if the above interests you, we’ve got plenty MORE for you right here at Cuck Central – –

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