“Jeremy”, the slim guy and his massive DICK . . .

And this happened way, way back in my CUCK journey!

Actually, it wasn’t a cuck experience at all, but a real life experience that I’m writing about now, hehe.

I met this dude YEARS ago while on a “break from school” – at school (college).

While the whole University was on holiday, for whatever reason yours truly had decided to stay on for a while longer. And so had he, apparently, sneaking a beer in full view of public (not really – hidden by a bookbag!).

I haven’t written about this before.

Anyway, dude himself was nothing to write home about.

Probably took drugs and I felt that initially . . .

. . . but I didn’t much care. Hey, I’m pretty liberal in that regard but not my other views! ?

And we developed a sort of “strange friendship” where we’d often chat, and meet up for beers. More of the latter, less of the former.

And one fine night, I was bored.

IT was WWE night.

Wrestling was on TV.

And Mike Watson found himself at dude’s house, who wasn’t expecting me. He was in his shorts (boxers) and T shirt (I thought nothing of the former until…!)

“Hey, man!”, he said.


“I wasn’t expecting you. I . . . “

Well, one thing led to another, and son we were enjoying the WWE (completely different show back then! ?) and singing (for whateve reason) rap songs.

And before I knew it.

His DICK was out.

And I still remember him talking about “how I had so many more chances with girls than him, because eI was “uncircumcised”).

God knows why he thought that, but he was right! ? Perhaps the . . . ah, but we’ll get into that later perhaps.

“You have so many more chances with them women, Mike! You’re uncut”, and . . .

. . . Anyway, in the middle of it all?

While Iwas drinking, and had NO thoughts of sex (much like with my buddy I mentioned in the last email)??

His DICK plopped out.

Much bigger than the lovely sexy dick I wrote about before, but boy it was MASSIVE!

I still remember my ex telling me skinny dudes have the biggest dicks, and this one was HUGE.

And as if on command, HE started suckintg my dick, but it wasn’t necessary. I was ready to explode (and remember, this was BEFORE my cuck days) upon seeing that monster CUT white cock, and I did, as he tried to lap it up.

But couldn’t.

And gues what.

The sign of being a true cuck, or one of them.

I had a hard on right after that massive orgasm. While my cock-sucking skills were NOWHERE near as good asa they are now, (thank you, Madam Su! ?) – – they were adequate, and I was deep throating him like no-one’s business, and he was too drunk to come apparently.

But not really.

He did cum – massive gobs of cum shooting up on his chest.

“Man, you’re good!”

And then of course, the guilt trip I write so much about in Cuck Central about “am I gay?”

It almost ruined the fun for a while. Actually, it did – for a while, until he returned with more beer ,and unti; I just had to unzip his pants again and give in!

“Mike’s not gay is he”, I remember him laughing.

“Man, let’s have sex”, he said.

And while we didn’t, I’d sure do it now, and do a lot more –  but you guys and (perhaps gals) reading this know that already, don’t you!!?

A real life experience. More to it, but that’s the gist of it – enjoy!


Mike Watson

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