When the “M.I” (MBA) wanted Amy to “drink his sperm!”

This is a blast from the past!

But it reminds me of a book “The M.B.A Candidate” which is still, oddly enough, for years, in the “nascent” stages.

It’s a book detailing some of my own experiences as usual, and building upon those, and it’s an Indian themed book. Lovely Madam Vandana is the heroine!

But I ain’t gotten far through it at all, other books have kept coming up …

Anyway, as I talk about big black cocks unloading on cucks, I gotta think “drink my sperm”.

Drink Master’s. Hehe.

Mix it with toothpaste, as Ms Priyanka made me do. (That one’s being translated into French, so you know, pardon my French tho, hehe)

Put it up my ass, and leave it there to STICK (Madam Aa Ling did that – not detailed in the book, but plenty else is!)

Then of course, what Empress Cody did.

If the Pooja Memsahib Series is the most BLASE AND DEBASE EVER in terms of ass worship, then Empress Cody? The same for cuckolding!

Sophia Bai – and Madam Su in it, another great read. But until I put out a book on Su, Cody it is!

(But Su was the best cuckoldress I’ve been with, just like Pearl and Joanie were the best findominas!)

Joanie was much more too. Hehe.


Too many links up there.

Fingers done got tired.

And as I think of Masters dong, they spring back to life!

His dong always does, hehe.

Of course it’s got lips waiting for him, sissified and real woman ones!

BUT, anyway …

Years ago in China, I worked a full time job I hated, and there was this Chinese dude who was fresh out of MBA school, and was very pompous about it.

Not to me, the foreign devil, so much as the other Chinese staff. He thought his degree made him “superior”.

To me, he was deferential, but he did Tom Tom his degree.

Dude was more than a bit comical and stupid, I’ll tell you that much.

Could barely speak without hee hawing or guffawing.

True example of a moronic Chinese “Hillbilly”. Hehe.

I am MBA!” was the first thing he told me with his wide toothed excuse for a grin, as if that made him more appealing in any regard.

It didnt.

He worked with a girl called Amy, who in that small company was also the VPs “enamorata” (unofficial) of sorts.

She was supposedly his “assistant”, but in reality, she was far , far more!

I dont know, that girl? Wasn’t gorgeous, wasn’t bad looking, “no feelings” for me, really (I mean, I don’t know what to say about her. Just normal!).

We got into an argument one day about A/C when I said it was “something essential”, and she of course resorted to the non sequitor of “Well! Many Chinese sleep in the heat!”

Well, true, lady, but many Africans probably are malnourished, does that mean we all need to be?

Does that mean they WANT to be?

Isn’t the better something to aspire to?

Anyway …

The MI was what Clement, and myself (Clement was a colleague from HK who found the MBA dude just as funny as I did) “Master Intelligent”, or “Mr Intelligent” or whatever called him.

I came up with the acronym.

Much as I did “Uncle J” for our KFC “Colonel Saunders like” boss… hehe.

And one day, I was eating lunch alone.

Suddenly, I felt a slosh on the back, and a huge “hee hee grin”.

The MI had shown up, so I invited him to lunch. Only the done thing to do!

Naturally this dude got none, and I got plenty (although not how you might imagine, hehe) – so he was always eager to hear about me!

And we talked women, and …

“I want her to drink my sperm!” he piped up suddenly.

Huh, I said, not understanding.

And then Igot it.

He was making oblique references to Amy all the time before that, apparently if she found the boss “attractive” why not him.

(she didnt. MONEY!)

And finally he blurted it out, in his childlike, “country bumpkin” manner, and it was so funny, it was all I could do not to laugh.


Amy, of course, would never do that for him.

And he never succeeded.

I left the job shortly thereafter.

But, the words ring out in mind every time I see long black cock.

“Master, I so want to drink your SPERM!” 

And that, my friend is what I had to share!

Before drinking his sperm make sure you’re WORTHY first, cuckold.

Service him properly first.

Learn how to do it right here.


Mike Watson

PS – Our bestselling Cuckold Compilations is another book that has been recently translated into Spanish. Truly all guns blazing, all stud dongs CUMMING!!!

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