When just looking at his DONG MAKES YOU WANT TO SHOOT … LOADS!

Cock lover,

Without even touching your sissy dick, boy!

And without even touching your nipples.

Although I touched mine, I feel that all too familiar SURGE that all sissies know about – and it took but one flick!

The sheer power of conditioning as in SissyGasm Central – – – – and the sheer power of NIPPLES!

And these two together, and I’ve felt like this often – just looking at his dong makes me want to leak and spurt furiously, and Master’s cock isn’t even hard!

As I responded to a black stud on Twitter, he responded with “Good”.

It made me even hornier, even sissier, if thats a term, and I’m sitting here ready to SHOOT A LOAD EVEN WITHOUT TOCHING MY NIPPLES!

He’s not the only one that laughs at me.

But that GOOD was said in a way … HE KNOWS!

He knows I’m a faggot for his ass. Hehe.


And HE KNOWS HOW MUCH I LIKE HIS long black dong … and the lovely pink head that protrudeth beneath!

And I felt this way about my friend Rueben’s cock.

Jeremy’s cock.

About … well, all cocks!

And especially the long veiny ones, all they have to do is SHAKE, and you’re BEGGING!


I’d literally grovel and lick the bottom of his shoes to lick his asshole, and drink one pristine drop of his piss, and or his divine CUM which I’d preserve, and …

Ah, but you guys know this!

(and am I even worthy, you might ask).

Well, I DID write Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots … !

Anyway, been an interesting morning.

We’re now on GOOGLE TOO – as an official verified business, my friend.

So here’s the thing – I’v ebeen asking y’all to leave REVIEWS for everything you buy, for a good reason!

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And if you’ve bought off Google, as many of you HAVE?

Then leave a review HERE.

Truly the real Mc Coy of femdom, black cock (all cocks matterr! hehe) worship

And last, but not least.

Black lives matter, or all lives matter?

I wont get into that here.



And YOU cuckold and cock lover, need to worship his cock RIGHT before he grants you the privelege of his cum splattering on you!

Learn how right NOW right HERE.


Mike Watson

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