Blue dongs, blue balls, why the sole is all that matters, and more random musings!


As I kneel for hours each night in front of my S.O,, who of course wants a new man – but keeps me for now – and who wears shorts to sleep (or a nightie) – exposing her lovely THICK legs (some might say fat) – her flabby lovely stomach – yes, both are possible, and her lovely big ass – without being fat, it’s big! … I have to say this!

Last night, I was informed that “bananas could be blue” as well which was news to me.

Can they? Let me google!

Apparently yes, Java bananas, of cours,e for me, DONG was what came to mind – my own.

Blue balls, yes – I have them all the time, so much so that I literally at times even with NO external stimulus sometimes just get hard and “cum” – or leak, whichever it is.

My dick doesnt even get hard, of course, without nipple play – years of conditioning has done that.

And while having sex, it slips out all the time – except, of course, unless I’m being humiliated – unless I have another DONG in front of me (then it can stay hard forever, sissies know the feeling!) – or, soles!

Blue balls – busted balls, a dick that is NEVER satisfied as it “should” be biologically – but IS satisfied from a sissy standpoint – all this, and more – as I kept cumming occasionally, but I never really touched my penis, so only short blobs and bursts – occasionally, I’d flick my nipples, but as with Madam Susan, as the long night hours pass, the A/C whirs, she sleeps comfortably, I can’t even see the fat legs in the darkened room because she has covered them with a blanket – ALL I can see – ALL – is her soles!

Thats ALL. Anything else, even when I move my fingers up for a calf massage, all covered up!

Those sexy anklets are always visible, gleaming, sometimes I take them off while pressing her legs if she wants, but mostly they stay on, gleaming tinkling, reminding me of my PLACE.

And thats that matters, her SOLES, getting to know them more and more each night, though I already know them lik emy best friend, I can tell how they’re feeling, what they’ve been in, what they’ve been “up to” – just by a TOUCH, not just look!

She is SO NICE for not letting me see ANYTHING!

Madam Susan, yes, you taught me well – but on the other hand, that was already ingrained in my mind for years! Hehe.

Which anyway – back to my SO and her soles – these days those are dry and cracked – I’ll often take the crud off with my teeth!

I’ll press them every night, I’ll rub them with lotion, I’ll have sore fingers and knuckles, and Madam keeps snoring.

Occasionally she’ll expose her legs, which are sometimes waxed, sometimes not – same thing for armpits.

VERY occasionally. I live for those times, and the hair has started to turn me on SO!

The hair is so MANLY!

And I so love it – she used to “trim her bush” down there, but for sissies like me, shes now realized she can be a complete slob and it STILL drives me insane with lust!

Which is the nice thing about femdom and sissydom – SHE has it all her way!

When I do get to worship her pleasure zones … I so love the hair, the smell down there, it’s so “manly”!

Madam, there is no need to groom if you dont want to!

And her lovely musty unwashed ASSHOLE, which she’s never ever once licked my ass, and blowjobs – well, thing of the past …

Its just so nice, I’m flicking my nipples thinking of it NOW.

And if I could go back and do it now , I would … Or, I mean, I’d do it NOW if I could!

Maybe I will.


On that note, sissies, remember.

Sissy Central is a must grab, and the other natural progression (apart from cock worship) – ass worship. 

Grab those three, and let me know how you loved ’em – write back, I’ll give you a 10% off on your next purchase!


Mike Watson

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