Assholes are… truly just what I like!

Nah, I am not talking “bad boys and how women, especially Goddesses are attracted to them and their big, long, dangling cocks!” …

I’m talking assholes!

And as I was on Twitter the other day, and indeed today, it just popped up a video of a black stud banging a woman like she SHOULD BE – and as is the case with all these videos, but most of all the BLACK cocks pounding away  (the skin color does it – the chocolate, the coal black!) … I couldn’t help but salivate and drool over Master’s ass.

I WISH I WAS THERE to kiss his manly asscheeks as they did their job, pounding that big black dick further and further in!

I WISH – more so – I could spread the cheeks, and smooch his asshole like it was a pair of holy lips, which to me it is!

Lick his balls, his perennial region!

And the balls were lovely, low and dangling, slapping Madam – and I could see her soles, so erotic!

And when he was finally done, what I posted on Twitter … the BEST part for any cuck?

When Master’s finally done pumping away, BANGING HERE LIKE A REAL MAN!! And He too, eventually loses control – Master HAS TO! And he pulls out, and points his cock, and paints the sissy’s face WHITE!


And preferably points it all over the face, not just one part, not missing any section of the face, as the sissy stares at big black cock “unloading” its dues on him (her)!!

This morning, I saw a response to a similar comment I made on Twitter (about the guy in the video).

Just what you like Mike!   (was the response to it, made by the same guy I think)


Anyway, thats one reason I put out Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – way too many people don’t know how to suck cock well – or worship it well enough for him to want to do that to you, sissy!

Become a good sissy for her first.

Then the cuckolding will come as a natural extension, provided you got the mental part down first.

(Hence, Cuck Central, an immensely popular course that busts a lot of myths regarding cuckolding, including the “all cucks have small cocks” myth).

And back to assholes – I truly love ’em!

In Owned by Madam Aa Ling, I described how I was forced to worship (and liked!) Madam’s 65 year old mother’s never washed/worshipped before asshole – and I loved licking the crud off there!

And of course, worshipping Madam orally.

She was a hooker.

Men put cocks in those holes, and I’d drink the sperm (as a colleague once said “I want her to drink my sperm!!”) … and I’d worship her even after she gave it up, and moved in with me (or, I should say, took my apartment over – and then my life, hehe).

To think I was once the so called alpha who went to HER to get serviced.

She judged me right from the word go!

That smile, that first deep tongue kiss, all did it, and of course, those fingers on the nipples!

And another lady  that took ass worship to a whole new – and UNSEEN BEFORE LEVEL!

Pooja Memsahib … JI!

I’ve NEVER worshipped ass like I have with her!

And this book I’ve written on her – two Volumes until now – is the most BLASE AND DEBASE EVER – in this regard, and many others.

And here is what my translator (it, along with “16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Femdom Affirmations” is being translated into Spanish”

“I thank you for your words and of course, I continue working on the novel, which by the way is very good!” …

Now, I’ll share the “why” he liked the book soon – look for a review coming soon in that regard!

But we all know what Princess Dani, translating book #1 said in that regard about the books being mostly true.

They are.

As I wrote on Twitter, it’s REALITY mixed in with a dab of creative license, not the other way around! 

Haha. And it’s true.

Anyway … I posted before about what she thought of the book. And she’s done with the book, but hasn’t uploaded it as yet, because Madam is on vacation, and well, how coul dI rush Madam. Hehe.

As for Mauricio, another great guy translating Pooja Memsahib … JI! into Spanish?

Well, his Dad was sick – in hospital – so he came close to missing a deadline from what he said but much like Dani, credit to him – he checked back with me on that!

And I was like hey, it’s OK.

His dad had to have a major operation.


Life happens!

But his Dad has pulled through, is out of danger NOW, and so it’s back to the book full speed!

And, it’s back to dreaming of Jerome’s asshole for ME – for now!

For you, if you want to experience how it was like – pick up some of my books, and you will.

And I’ll be back soon – hopefully with that review!


Mike Watson

PS – By the way, cucks and sissies, its great y’all are enjoying the other courses, but some of you have neglected to build the basics FIRST.

Build a foundation first for anything, my friend.

It holds true for skyscrapers, websites, even “good sex”, hehe.

Same for femdom.

Start attracting FIRST – like moths to a flame, by learning, understanding, reviewing, re-reviewing the tips in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

ANd let me know how you DO!

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