Men are tools – to be used – for women’s pleasure – of all sorts!

Dear Reader,

So, I had the good fortune of talking to a lady I met years ago – a dominant young Chinese lady – and a most intelligent one at that, Madam Alexa.

Believe it or not, while I’ve been with my fair share of dominant ladies (as you guys can tell) – Alexa is probably the only one that I have a “perfect mental match” with in terms of femdom – we can pretty much predict what the other person is thinking – or about to say – at any point in time.

And of course, mental part aside (although that IS the most important thing) – she’s far, far younger than me … and that makes it all the more interesting!

Amazingly enough – we haven’t ever actually “played” together as yet – until now at least. Never say never, as they say!

Anyway, so I was talking about how easy it is for me to chat with her about fetishes and the like. Common ground, and so forth …

“Madam, you’re one of the most intelligent people I know! It’s extremely easy to chat with you about everything”, I said.

And believe me, I meant every word.

She’s currently “between subs” if I might use the term – and seems to be missing it, and was talking about how it’s NOT easy to find the right person to “play with”.

“Well, it’s easy to find someone to play with”, I went. “But whats NOT easy is to find someone that can UNDERSTAND your needs – wants – fantasies – and be TRULY into them as well. What’s even tougher is to find someone you can actually form the right bond with … ”

And its true, my friend. It’s true. The right bond is crucial in terms of forming any sort of decent relationship – femdom included – and nowhere else have I made this clearer than in Humiliation Central and Cuck Central – the first a course on how to take humiliation in your female dominate relationship to hitherto UNHEARD of levels, and the second – well – self explanatory!

The deeper, baser and more intense the fantasy – the closer the two of you need to be overall for it to work well at any level!

Anyway, we moved on to other topics.

“Can I tell you something, Alexa? It’s kinda funny – but I want to say it – and yes – you can laugh if you want to!”

“Go ahead! I’ll prepare to be amused”, she responded.

“It’s easy to be with you as a sub, Madam Alexa. Guess why …”, I said, laughing myself. And before she replied, I took guesswork out of the equation. “Because there is NO pressure to have actual penetrative sex with you. The sub can serve you, be your sissy, be your maid  – – but there is no pressure to have actual penetrative “real man” sex – and thats what I’d love the most!”

Giggle, giggle.

“Isn’t that what happens in real femdom, Mike?”

And then I asked her, out of curiosity if she ever had actual sex (“real man sex”) with her last sub.

I know she penetrated him regularly, but I was curious to see if …

And it turned out that YES – they DID have sex once … and … why?

“Well, I wanted to try it once with him. I was young, and …”

“And ..”, I asked.

“Well, it wasn’t so much I wanted to have sex with him. I needed to be filled – and I was using him as a dildo if you know what I mean. He had the right tool – and it’s better than a lifeless tool, you know!”, she responded.

“My friend once told me”, she continued, giggling, “that the only reason she goes out with men is because they have a dick. So cute!”

And I couldn’t help but laugh – and agree.

“Yes, you’re right Madam”, I said. “Dicks are tools – to be used for your pleasure – and that is pretty much how it should be!”

Anyway, we had many more interesting conversations – – including one on whether or not oral should be given to dicks.

I’ll let you guess the answer to that one, hehe. For now, I’m off to watch a very sexy “POV” video that I just saw – I’ll probably be writing to you soon about that too!

Sayonara for now!!


Mike Watson

P.S. – By the way, Madam Alexa was right – dicks are tools to be used ONLY for her pleasure – and so are men – and that, my friend, is a central concept of all the femdom related books I write. Remember you’re there for HER pleasure – convenience – and satisfaction – NOT the other way around! Once you wrap your “head” (pun intended, hehe) around that FACT – the rest of the principles to be followed (in terms of finding the right woman to dominate you) will become much easier – and I’ve detailed them right here –

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