Truly SO hard not to cum in pant!

… Madam!

And Sir too, hehe.

But really, first off, as I mentioned on Twitter.

It’s such an honor to press an older ladyu’s feet and serve her like a royal queen, pamper her, regardless of age or looks.

It shouldn’t ever be about that anyway, instead, focus on her sweaty ass crack, boy!

or, her soles!

OR, and really, her MIND!

She is a Goddess no matter WHAT!

Anyway, I wrote enough of how I did that with Aa Ling’s mom … her 60 plus year old cruddy ass I so worshipped so lovely, I still remember the smell and taste of that pungent never worshipped before asshole as I was forced to worship it the first time!

I still remember Aa Chie, for that matter. What a Goddess, the first kiss she gave me in the bordello hooked me FOREVER and ever!

Paye Lagu, Madam!

There is a reason she is mentioned in Sin City Diaries along with  a veritable bevy of other Queens …(other than the book linked above which has gotten rave reviews so far and continues to).

Truly keeping it real with a touch of creative license mixed in.

Anyway, all the stuff i’ve been seeing on Twitter as of late?

Makes it increasingly hard not to cum  in my pants, hehe, either with or without nipple stimulation.

It’s gotten to the point mentally though just thinking of nipple play and looking at her ass and soles makes me weak, my cock twitch and leak, a orgasmcumsissygasm start. Leak. And then stop if my underwear is tight, and the blobs fall out later when I take it off.

Pictures on Twitter.

but you get the drift!

One incident not mentioned in Sin City Diaries was a friend of mine from Hong Kong who was so turned on by a Chinese barbershop girl that he begged her to give him a handjob.

she didnt.

But she rubbed him through his pants.

He came!

And went home, hehe.

And I almost came myself when I touched a massage worker’s upper arms and kissed her once she didnt mind..

She was doing the ssame thing, except sissy nipple wise.

Being a nippleslut is SO MUCH FUN and so highly recommened!

Believe me, guys.

The sheer pleasure you get from nipplegasms done right, and Chinese ladies instinctively not just ‘know’ but do it the best too … cannot be replicated by anything else!

Hence, Nipplegasm Central highly recommended!

But anyway … if you want visual for cumming in pant and ladies to worship, I’m NOT the guy.

My friend from India with a 10 inch Indian dong and whose routinely called rainbow pimp might be though!

On that note … remember regular exercise done right is KEY lock and key pun intended, hehe to maintaining libido, looking and feeling younger than you are …. and cumming on command too.. hehe.

Believe me, my friend talks so much about it.

He’s a stud.

He should know!

And anyway, while I won’t give you his site here,, those interested in fitness … he’s truly the real deal … inbox or email me, and we’ll hook you up.

Me and Madam will.

I hope she doesnt run off with him, hehe.

But anyway, I’m not the person to introduce you to women, despite the scores of women I know, have been with and so forth. I respect them wy too much for that.

No, as thomas, a subscriber in the past once said … ‘introduce me to women I can play with and I’ll pay you but only on wechat’.

Um, no thank you Thomas.

We dont take wechat  for one …. credit cards yes through Paypal.

In the future, directly.

But no wechat, sorry.

And certainly no girls for loser guys out there!

Other hand, my erotica is so hot that YOU, my friend, WILL cum in pant reading about it, because it’s so real, so visceral, so from the heart!

And for steaming hot erotica like that go right here.

I’ll be back!



PS  Not to mention, just looking at big black cock, and being a sissy for cock, and sucking it RIGHT note right, BOY!

Master deserves all the pleasure he can get from your siissy lips wrapped around his dong head!

His balls!

Just looking at it, I shot another sissy load in pant, pic on Twitter!

Learn how to worship it right HERE.

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