If there is ONE reason that being a sissy is such a turn on for many, many guys out there – – it is the “thrill” of being feminized – – and gender roles being reversed – – and of course, plenty of humiliation worked into the mix as well (and all this should be turn for YOU too, as a truly dominant lady, of course!).

But lets back up a minute first, and let me recant an experience from 2012, I believe it was.

I was on a short trip to the Middle East at the time (well, more than a few month, so not quite as short as it might sound!) – and my S.O. at the time, while being perfectly open to femdom wasn’t quite “into it” as I’d want.

And she would often want sex, hehe, which of course as we have discussed is a NO-NO for any true sissy – -at least “real man” sex like she wanted!

Of course, this plays into what I’ve said about not being a doormat for her in REAL LIFE. Believe me now and trust me later, most ladies are MORE THAN WILLING TO engage in femdom related activities with a man that “can be a real man” if he wants to – – and if this sounds strange to YOU, the real sissy – -well – – it shouldn’t!

You can “bone up” more on this in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China”, of course – but for now, I still remember the times she was on her period.

She’d often have heavy bleeding etc – – but believe it or not, we’d often have “Real man” sex during that time of the month.

As an ex of mine once famously said “Women are really horny on occasion during their periods!

And the true turn on for me wasn’t just having sex during her period – a time most men avoid like the plague – it was helping her …

Ah, but me let me recant how it went down!

“Oh, honey, don’t do that now”, she said one night, as I eagerly made my way “down there” if you get my drift.

“My period isn’t entirely over”.

“Oh, it’s OK, Madam …” I said, feeling even more servile than before all of a sudden.

“I’m wearing a pad, and …”

“Is the bleeding heavy”, I asked.

“Not really, almost over, but …”

“Madam, if I’m a true sissy – – and true bitch – – shouldn’t I help you change your pads for you?”

A pregnant pause.

“You sure you want to do that??” she said, scarcely believing what she heard.

And my response?

Well, I did it – – cleaned the area – – and as she looked on at me, she laughed slightly – – that laugh containing both amusement and HAPPINESS – – and I almost came right there and then without even touching myself.

Not because of the remnants of her menstrual cycle, and not because of the task itself.

It was because it was another one of those IRRITATING tasks for women that women HATE to do, but have to – – and a true sissy should experience this as well – – and help her perform those tasks!

I’ve written about how Ms. Priyanka made me lick her ass in the mornings, so she could “go” quicker if you get my drift, and then I’d be cleaning that same ass – – and kissing the buttcheeks thankfully thereafter!

Madam Krystal took it a step further, and made me do it with – get this – DAMP toilet paper – – imagine cleaning an asshole that has just “gone” with that sort of paper ..!?

“It feels better, boy!”

And it does, if you think about it – – for the RECIPEINT – – not necessarily the “giver” though!

It’s all about her – always – and cleaning her ass after she’s gone – – or helping her during her most intimate moments – – that is what REAL and true femdom is all about … and as for the crux?

Well, you too as a sissy can experience “sissy periods” – all day long …

One way to do this is a butt plug, of course – – preferably one that vibrates and tinkles as you move along!

The tinkling part – – well – – you get it. Humiliation galore – – and the vibration is what will pressure your prostrate throughout the day every so slightly – – and you’ll literally be LEAKING all day – – and will feel what a woman truly feels during her period, albeit not to that level!

And that, my friend in FEMDOM, is how it should be – – for real male subs!

I’m out for now – – hope you enjoyed this “blast from the past” as much as I did bringing it to you!


Mike Watson

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