Thinking of, and missing perfect Madam Sophia so much!

Since last night, actually. And for whatever reason, “hot wife” popped up on Twitter today … but we’ll get to that!

We’ll get to the black dude who drove 4 hours to meet a lady, but didnt disappoint, being the stud he was!

“No, you fool! How could I forget YOU!” 


(I remember my Dad (a bonafide REAL LIFE cuckold if ever) once telling me that … when I was a little boy and couldn’t reply. I hate parents who abuse their kids! Ah, anyway – but I love it when Sophia says “you fool!” in that Asian style!)

The way Madam said that out of the blue, as I was sitting in immigration waiting to depart China (or the ferry terminal actually, pre-boarding) for a vacation (of sorts – long story!) … it just hit me like a thunderbolt!

Much like SHE did, the day I met her.

Of course, I should have met Madam MONTHS ago (I finally got to talk to her in April 2019).

But three months ago, there was the spat with a (well, two months maybe) certain “Vicky” who claimed “all foreigners were losers that wanted money” (except she was the one wanting it!) …

All I did was idly click on a “red packet” – which in China – and on WeChat is something that is virtual money – except it was sent in a group, and was a very pithy amount, so anyone could click it.

I did.

Someone sent another.

I did again, just for shits and grins!

The sum total of 0.0001 RMB was deposited into my virtual account. Hehe.

Not like I could do much with it, except think the 0’s were those lovely Korean asses I so love to worship cuck style!

Vicky, of course, got pissed off that someone else was getting “lucky”.

And she let loose with a torrent of vile abuse which I responded to in my own manner.

“Don’t call me that!” she hollered.

Classic case of the pot calling the kettle coal BLACK.

Anyway, a lovely girl with long black hair replied.

She told “Vicky” to stop being rude and insulting in general – no-one except me and her said anything to her, and then things calmed down after a while, but of course, the cucked group admin wouldn’t say a word to Vicky. Hehe.

His wife saw the whole thing though, and she is a lady that doesnt mince words!

I thought of messaging Sophia right there and then, but I didnt for some odd reason.

Two months later, she hit me like a thunderbolt!

I was scrolling through my Wechat.

I saw her.

Something told me add her.

I did.

ANd the rest is history!

I’ve written about what I’d do differently with her in SOME aspects of being cucked …

But anyway, that first day –

“I’m married, boy! We can be soulmates, not lovers!” 

Sissy Rule #1! 

And she said it!

“How much deposit do you have in your bank account!”

Admittedly, Madam made the pretense of asking” do you mind if I ask something” (before I could answer, she asked anyway).

So gorgeous, and she could have asked how long my dick was for all I cared. I was smitten!

Those EYES!

Those glasses!

She was in a school when the picture was taken!

Those feet!

Those long LEGS!

But most of all – the mind!

She’d often call me a cuckold. Hehe.

She’d flirt with me all the time …

Then, of course, the older black dude!

She met him in some group I introduced her to.

(Wechat online group).

Madam’s all about money, he claimed he wanted to do biz with her, drove I think a couple of hours to meet her.

They had dinner together.

Didnt hit it off, at least so she said.

I was hoping for juicy details.

“You’re more handsome than him, boy!” 

And younger too apparently (I dont know about actual age though!) . (But yes, those hard workouts I keep mentioning keep me young!).

Anyway, this “rich story” as Madam Susan would say, has many twists and turns. Hehe. One being she invited the black dude to her house for dinner, but WITH her husband around …

He hardly ate anything” she complained later when inviting me to her house … which never happened, not because her husband was there – he wasn’t!

Because she told him.

I didnt like that for some reason, and it never happened.

(yet another aspect of what I should have done differently, along with encouraging her more with Korean men, hehe)

(she told me later “it’s not about love, it’s about …”. Maybe, but I’d rather she’d have told me that FIRST!)

But what happened later …

“You can never touch me or have sex with me, boy!” 

“Mike, go make me a sandwich!” 

“Mike, go cook me dinner!” 

“Mike, go clean the kitchen floor and take out the trash!” 

All said while Madam was sipping on red wine, bought by cuck husband, and I was at her feet. Hehe.

Each of those statements – well, I think I’ve written a tome on it.

It’s amazing I haven’t written a book on this lovely lady as yet.

But fret not – there is no shortage of dominant Sophia’s and Su’s.

The Sophia Bai series is another one of those “thunderbolt” style series you’ll love if you’re REALLY into femdom (as opposed to wanking off on the internet to pictures of feet).

It’s about really being into it!

And this handsome cuck met Princess Joanie that way too – and she, of course… well, I’ve got part one of the book written already!

But anyway, I was tweaking my nipples last night while thinking of her insults (Sophia’s).

(just so you know, I was sleeping on the floor as usual)

“I do it to you because you let me, boy!” 

She was always scrupulously polite to everyone else, hehe.

She came in my dreams.

Or maybe it was the ravishing 7 I wrote about earlier, but it was 7’s face, Sophia was the name!

I asked her to sleep with me – but her husband was nearby, but she did it anyway.

She was cleaning an extremely dirty kids school she (works at in real life).

I know how to do everything, boy! I just never DO IT!

As Madam Carol said, same thing for her!

MAdam cleaning!

I remember being astonished in the dream!

Then, she had another lover over, but she found time to talk to me as well …

Sophia, my readers, is a great, great gal.

I love her for what she did to me!

And of course, she SHOULD have made her way into the book on missed femdom recollections. I’m not sure if she did, but THIS part (cucked husband) didnt. Hehe.

Anyway, I still remember the Corona we had together a while later, and the two hours, and … ah, but that will all be there in the book!

For now, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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