How long have I been chaste for?

Dear Reader,

As I sit here typing this, a lady just appeared in the house behind mine.

I saw her from the window. A middle aged and fairly attractive, and FULLY clothed lady with a bathtowel on her head, and a toothbrush in her mouth.

She had clearly just woken up, and her hair was in a state of disarray. No make up etc either, and it would be safe to say that selfies were probably NOT on the top of her “at that minute” bucket list either!

And what was my reaction?

I felt a surge of blood to my loins, and instantly imagined her feet – feet I’ve seen before, with the toes painted a gorgeous shade of red, and the soles usually clean, but with a crack or two in them nonetheless.

But most of all, her eyes, although they weren’t anything “out of the ordinary” to be honest.

That LOOK in her eyes – a look I’ve written about before many a times, and a look – and FEELING that communicates itself as clearly as if one were to say “You’re MINE, boy!”

“Know your place!” this accompanied by a slightly raised eyebrow, and stern looking forefinger – that RIGHT combo – something the lovely Sophia Bai, Madam Carrie (yes!), the gorgeous Krystal (her of the school) and virtually all the other Chinese ladies (well, ladies in general I’d say, but especially Chinese) do SO well indeed!

And lest you think I’ve gone plumb damn nuts – I haven’t. It’s merely my submissive side coming out full blast – and how, you ask, even without “anything on display”, feet included?

Well – I’ve been chaste for almost 2 months now.

That’s right.

NO orgasms. NO sex – not that I enjoy sex that much anyway – I’m far more into the BDSM aspect of things, but NO real release whatsoever.

The only release I had was back in May when it got to be too much and I gave myself three ruined orgasms in a row – without actually touching my “thang”, if you get my drift, hehe. The lovely Sophia Bai and her statement on needing servants was at the forefront of my mind as I did this, of course …

Now, just so you know, this chastity is self enforced.

I do NOT feel “deprived” in any way, although it can get to be a “struggle” at times to stay chaste if you get my drift.

In fact, the giggles of the women I’m with are more than enough for me at times – – especially when I mention my foot and other submissive fetishes – – most are more than open to “play” with me on that – – and those that enjoy actual sex far more than me, well, we arrive at a compromise.

That compromise begins with the letter “C”. I’ll let you figure out the word, but for now – the answer to a question MANY males ask on a regular basis – again – almost 2 months as of writing this!

Other than the sexual side to this, other benefits are that I’m way more productive than I would be normally. In fact, I wrote a ton of my books last October – all “in the flow” – and let me tell you, pulling marathon writing sessions for > 9 hours a day and still keeping the writing “fresh” is NO easy task, especially when you’re averaging 20000 words a day or so!

Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of sex transmutation in his best selling “Think and Grow Rich”, and though he didn’t explain it very well, the gist of it is this – you can literally transfer – or transmute – your sexual energy into other pursuits – if you only know HOW!

And best part is this – though you’re chaste, it’s NOT going to stop the women from coming to you or you going to them. If anything, you’ll see more and more of what you want on a regular basis, contrary though that might sound to staying chaste in the first place!

So that’s today’s thought, motivated by a submissive whose “new to the game” and who I’ve been chatting with on Twitter — and who recently got a  cock lock (his Goddess ordered it), and seems to be enjoying the device so far!

Men – try staying chaste for as long as you can. The manifold benefits you experience might just surprise you – a LOT!


Mike Watson

P.S – Due to the way women are biologically programmed NOT to “plummet to a low” after orgasm, staying chaste for ladies hasn’t been proven to have any benefits at all other than the normal. If there was more fuel for the male chastity cannon required – well – there it is – – Mother Nature dictated it be this way too!

P.S. #2 – If you’ve got any thoughts on future topics for submissive musings, let me know and I’ll do up Volume #2. Madam Pearl was rightfully the “star” of Vol #1, but I’m thinking about #2 as we speak as well!

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