Mistress Lucy cannot stop LAUGHING and POINTING at me, neither can her Korean stud!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

Paye Lagu … MALIK … JI!

And I should say “ass lagu”. Hehe.

Since feet, asses – and cocks and balls … .were on the menu as they always are!

But Mistress just can’t stop laughing – its the first time they did this!

This morning, as my eggs were sizzling (well, I was cooking for her FIRST) and after I served Master and Mistress, and they ate as I stood there like a dutiful slave, bringing them juice and whatever they wanted?

IT was time for my own breakfast!

And Madam giggling away with her stud took out “chilled cum” from the fridge.

What is that, you ask?

Well, Master drinks a lot of beer – my Korean Master!

I’m not allowed any. Hehe.

I do get to bathe in his piss though, coming out of that lovely cock in a solid gush, often as he keeps drinking!

What a cock he’s got! What an ass!

And … I get to drin khis cum, of course.

But this morning, along with eggs, she made me add cum!

And as the cum and eggs spattered, they both laughed – HELPLESSLY and UPROARIOUSLY!

Of course her stud had a massive orgasm before, so he was so relaxed he’d laugh anyway!

So did Madam.

But the cum didnt just cum out of his dick.

It leaked out of her ass – and mine!

As he took me in the backside, took her too!

He’s so randy!

Three mammoth loads last night, and looking at me, he’s getting hard again, and the crowning indignity!?

As I ate, after it had cooled down, I ate the sticky mess – out of their asses!

And they LOVED IT!

She cannot stop laughing at me, and POINTING!

She’s loving it. She’s never done it before, or shed know this isn’t the most by far I’ve been made to do!

I’ve eaten Princess Krystal’s toenails, and eaten with spoons pulled out my ass.

Madam Carrie made me stuff wedgies up my ass, then eat them!

Madam Su routinely cuckolded me – but his piss and cum were always part of it!

But today, different, I dont know, even more so than when I ate chocolate out of a stud’s asshole once, licking his balls as I did so!

Ass and chocolate, sticky … and it stuck to his pubes too!

If as a sissy and cuck you aren’t racing to sissygasm or shoot a load as yet, I dont know what will make you do it!

But, getting Mistress Lucy involved in extreme humiliation the first time – so much fun for her when she “finally gets it!”

And when he does, of course.

His beautiful sexy chest, his lovely nipples, his sexy SATINY SMOOTH cock that is accentuated by the flat stomach, those balls, and he’s always horny, and that ass thats neither not bubble – nor too big!

And most of all, their sexy smooth Asian skin, especially his!

I can understand why Madam loves making out with him so much, my friend. I truly can!

And as his cock awaits, I better go. More treats await me!

Ladies, write back and tell me how you liked it – guys too!


mike Watson

PS – Remember, Princess Joanie was an expert at all this too – and while the BOOK details the “juicy details” – HOW to humiliate him like never before is covered here – Humiliation Central.

PS #2 – And remember. Plenty of the above in the Sequel to serving an Indian Goddess too.

Speaking of which, Master has to go, so I better kneel as those lovely turds escape his oh so perfect puckered up asshole!!

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