Switching – except this time – it’s places – with MADAM!

Madam JI!, sorry.

And maybe Sir too, said with due respect, all the respect his mighty cock deserves and so (by extension) him!

Thats the difference between a sissy and a girlfriend, which I’ll cover soon. 😉

But for now, haven’t you ever watched a lady dominant or not, go down on other service a man – and wish YOU were in her place!

I know I have and do!

With Madam Su, I’d often want to be the one sucking his cock!

And often times I would with Su at the same time.

What a rush it was, sucking each ball as he lay there moaning, his studly long cock – black, jet black , flopping up and down on my nose, and sometimes Madam Su!

And as I watched him from my vantage point under his balls, or in his lovely MANLY MUSTY asshole bang Madam Su, I’d wish he was doing it to me!

And he did sometimes. Not too often though, but when he was really, really horny!

It was such a rush.

Licking Madam out, and being banged by him.

Or the other way around, or, as Ms. Priyanka made me do all those years ago with Lady Katherine, take two cocks .. one by one!

In and out, in and out!

One in my mouth, one in my ASS!

And that was my first time, of course!

And … of course, swtiching places and more.


I’d love to switch places with Ms AA ling, of course, her of “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” who used to give me a soapy bath and a blowjob every time I went there!

Of course, that stopped as soon as she took me in hand, as was her wont, and Is her right!

And being she had so many negative experiences with men, there was NO cuckolding done there. She was perfectly happy single, but I did get to worship her 60 year old mother’s ass regularly!

Oh my!

Disgusting perhaps?

But to me thats what, and the taboo part of it turned it on, and I’d love to do the same for my friend Rueben!

Yes, him of the smooth white cock I wrote about and on that note, I’m trying to figure it out.

My preference for cock is curved of course.

That BLACK cock remains my favorite by far. Slim guy, nice smooth curved black cock and a massive load, and balls that were neither too low, nor too tight.

But this lovely curved and EVEN SMOOTHER WHITE member I had the privelege of recently seeing might take the cake!

Except Sir’s balls aren’t that “low hanging”. They’re tight, but then again, Master was about to cum!

It’s truly a pleasure to worship Madam – -and Sir as well!

And on that note, cock comparison or not, be sure and check out our treatise on Cock Worship – written especially for sissies and faggots like YOU! 😉

And thats that for now. Back soon with other topic. Stay tuned!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up hot stories of being cuckolded here – Cuckold compilations.

PS #2 – Suckie, Suckie, fuckie, fuckie, me love you long time! I’ve LOVE to be that hooker, hehe. 😉

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