The sissy chore I never really minded …

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The sissy chore I never really minded …

Spicy Erotic

I dont know, but even in a non fetish/femdom sense, I never really minded it?

And I’ve lost track of the number of men that get married “so they dont need to do their own laundry”.

For me, laundry, especially doing mine – and mine alone – is EASY.

Put in the machine, turn on a switch – and BINGO! Done!

Then hang, and fold if needed (if it’s just me, then I just hang them on hangers, Madam? Thats a a different story, hehe).

But of course, this is unless you do what Ms Priyanka did in Serving an Indian Goddess, and made me do it the way servants in India actually do i.e. squat down and do it by hand i.e. wring them out in a huge bucket ful of water, and then scrub the clothes with soap, all the time with the sun baking down on one’s back as you sit in the backyard, remember, servants dont get A/C – Madam does all day, the servant gets the opposite!

Unless he’s being fucked in the same room, or he’s pressing her feet, so I do get a lot of A/C that way at night, but day? Not a chance, again, unless I’m pressing her feet!

Anyway …

She made me do many other humiliating things – learn the Indian squat for one, which of course according to my fitness friend is one of the best things you can do for your body.

I also learnt Hindi first-foot. Hehe.

And , I learnt how servants in real life are debased and humiliated like you’d never imagine in even so called modern day India. It’s horrible, almost Nazi like in a way, but thats what it is, I suppose!

But .. anyway, chores!

To me, doing laundry is easy.

It’s the cooking and cleaning, especially the latter – which is a CHORE!

Especially with the special demands, cooking for guests, and she often has many, and making sure everything is spic and span in the kitchen, and so forth …

Anyway, this is a short one.

Do you agree? Write back – let me know!


Mike Watson

PS – Like short sissy cocklets, hehe.

PS #2 – But remember, friend. If you’re looking to turn into a true sissy, then household chores? Get good at them, very good, boy, as well as massaging her and him!

All part of what is mentioned in Sissy Central – truly the premier course with it, and along with Sissygasm Central, a must grab for buddies sissies (and NippleGasm Central too!).

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