Hips, butts, and those lovely asses and ass cracks!

I woke up this morning – hard and unfulfiled as usual!

Mistress Lucy and her Korean stud – her man – and my Master – were on my mind!

That lovely long sexy Korean cock I slob on so often, that lovely slim abdomen I twirl my fingers on, those lovely nipples that are so sensitive!

As I’ve said before, and as I’ve written about in my own experiences, Chinese girls do it the best when it comes to nipples – and nipplegasms!

Right from perfect Miss Liao (the foot massage girl) who expertly slid those fingers up under my shirt and flicked yours truly’s nipples “idly” (for her!) – and I wasn’t even INTO nipples then – to NOW – where I can cum basically on command in two ways –

  • thinking about COCK and my sissy hole being invaded – both of them!
  • Or, simply twirling my own nipples!

It’s true, and I’ve mentioned how erotic this is in the book on nipplegasms – Nipplegasm Central.

It’s almost as, if not AS erotic as sissygasm can be, and can give you almost as much pleasure if you do it right – and double and more if you combine it with sissy holes being invaded!

As mine often are!

(They work great with ruined orgasms too – again, like mine always are!)

I’ve got two of them.

One at the back, and one of course my mouth!

Often times, I’ll suck Master as Mistress Lucy “takes” me from the back.

She does it furiously and ferociously, in and out, in and out, and it’s a struggle for ME to do keep focused on the dick in front of me and do what I keep telling you in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, ie. the BEST cock worship is done SLOW, not bobbing up and down like in the porn movies!

Do it slowly, he’ll love it even more!

And it’s a race as to (and a competition) as to who can cum more!

Sometimes, I leak so much and for so long I wonder where all the cum “hides”!

But more than Lucy, Jerome knew all this NATURALLY.

He’d often take me from the back (and Madam Su too).

But with her, it’s more sex as she wanted, with me, she’d use me as a pleasure tool, of course, to suck his dick, beg to lick his ass – and asshole – and do it while they had “coitus” of any nature – and oh boy, did I LOVE his ass!

Many men, especially the cucks amongst us forget that you dont thrust back and forth during regular sex with the front of the body.

You initiate from the hips and ass!

The front is merely a “tool” (pun intended, and maybe not). Much like a boxer’s punch (actually Jerome’s cock on my nose felt like that sometimes! BANG! on the tip!) … the power comes from the hips and thighs and groin (in this case) not the actual “organ”.

Cucks, of course, have a “hard time” staying hard anyway in that position. HEhe.

But Jerome didnt!

And looking at that lovely ass, his ass muscles contracting with each “thrust” …

And FEELING it when he took me from the back!

Naturally, he did one thing right – many things – that I outline in the best book on how to do sissygasm right ever – Sissygasm Central.

That being, start gently.

But after he was gentle for a while, he’d really go to town on me – oh my!

But he’d do that RYTHYMICALLY!

Pulsating p spot throbs and pleasure like never before, and I’d squeal like his bitch, like the sissy bitch I am!

I’d be eating Su’s ass a lot of times at that point too!

Or, she’d take me from the back while I sucked his coal black cock!

He’s such a stud, such a real man with a real solid cock, and I so loved that cock!

Anyway, he plays a part in Cuckold Compilations – a compilation of steaming hot cuckold stories with femdom involved.

You guys on this list will LOVE IT …

And I’m out. Back soon – yes, I’ve been a bit “occupied” over the last few days so didnt write directly to you, but I’ve been very active on Twitter, which – oh yeah, forgot to tell you!

A while back, I said I wouldn’t be getting on Twitter etc anymore – after they “deactivated” my account for some reason.

But a few days ago, mysteriously, it worked!

Then it got deactivated again – I was posting a lot of dick pics, and the system thought it was spam, hehe.

But, I contacted them again.

They never replied the first time, but they activated quickly this time.

Hey, those cocks were too luscious!

So if you want, follow me on Twitter. I dont know if I have still have the social media icons on this site, but you can follow me on Twitter if you want to stay up to date there as well.


I had a following there too, but they banned the account – and I never bothered to get back on.

And that, my friend, is that. Back soon! (yes, back to daily emails from today hopefully).


Mike Watson

PS – Get on? Jerome’s cock? Which cock? I really want Mistress Lucy’s stud to take me,  maybe he will someday! But he enjoys the way I lick his ass, suck his dick – even when he’s on the toilet after coming back from the gym!

PS #2 – Male asses are so sexy when they belong to real men, and they’ve got strong thick thighs attached, and they’re doing doggy, that asshole “tantalizingly visible”, that butt crack so sexy , those cheeks too – calling out to be WORSHIPPED as the balls do their job!

And then the cock!


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