The Vietnamese Goddess in my dreams this (early) morning!

I had such a lovely dream again!

And, I woke up singing a Miss Priyanka, her of “Serving an INdian Goddess” fame song that she really, really liked.

“Ai Kash ki hum hosh me ab …ane na payeeeeeeeeee!”

This “paye” is different from the Paye Lagu Malkin she taught me so well, and the other Hindi used by servants!

This is a popular Hindi movie song from yore, and one she watched while I was pressing her feet (obviously) – but this time her shoulders too, and I can’t for the life of me remember which one, but Madam burst into tears at the end of it – apparently it was ultra romantic?

Sissies, listen up!

Another key rule that I have NOT mentioned in Sissy Central?

Is watch romantic movies with her, boy!

I dont care how alpha you are on the outside, but you watch sissy stuff and soap operas with her, and you discuss the women int hem and the men in them and the characters and the story with all the “womanly” “Oh, he did THAT!” raised eyebrows and such to turn into the proper sissy you should and crave to be!

I gotta say, I laughed while reading that, picturing … MYSELF, and my friend, it’s so true!

Anyway, the cover on the book of Sissy Central is what it is for a reason because you truly WILL turn into the Sissy of your dreams if you do what is being said – and the Cover on the Sequel of Serving an Indian Goddess – Part TWO – is what it is because … well, read the book and you’ll see (just one reason) why I keep saying my writing is the very best out out there in terms of REAL FEMDOM – and “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license”, not the other way around!

But where was I.

Ah, yes, Vietnamese Goddesses!

I’ve written about them before.

Though I haven’t been there, it’s in the plans post Covid (will that ever go away? Can the world please – stop – panicking – and get back to normal? I mean, what’s done is done, now what? Live the rest of our lives in fear, not travel anywhere, be locked down!?)

I mean, even Goddesses being served in lockdown want to travel and be served in exotic locales!

I know my S.O. does!

Anyway ………….. so my Chinese femdom books are more proof of the fact above.

But she was a Vietnamese girl (the one in my dreams this early morning which is when my most prophetic dreams occur).

I had a dream about Vietnam , landing there a few months back …

And she was so nice!

I believe I was being made to do something I didnt want to, I didnt do it, I was “wandering”, all of a sudden I stopped at a shop … and BINGO!

She was just there!

And it wasn’t a sexual thing- it was more romantic, that lovely smile of hers!

MADE for each other, basically, just like with Madam Carol in 2015.

And as the “letters translated”, I remember Mike Watson “getting lucky” on Amazon showing up and the girl looking at it wonderingly!

anyway, dreams are prophetic, but ALWAUYS cryptic – the more so the better.

What you see in dreams is not literal, but it literally portends real stuff to happen, and on that note?

Serving an Indian Goddess has been translated into Portugese now – and the sequels are in the works too.

Then a French Translation is on the way.

And of course, the English ones.

Madam Dani will probably do the Spanish one down the road!

You know, this one book is my first femdom book, and has been translated into so many languages already!

THIS site only sells English books, but if you want the links for the translated works, let me know!

And fetish wise, not much in the dream except two lovely ladies (Vietnamese) taking SELFIES – and their lovely soles!

Cute little soles!

Oh my!

And that was the dream – I woke up singing the romantic song in my own accent!

And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

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