Princess Dani is so, so right – she always IS!

What a Queen she is even though she says she’s not!

And she’s one of the best damned translators out there, bar none.

She’s translated two of my current bestsellers “15 ways to give him the Ruined Orgasm of his life and have him SALIVATING FOR MORE!” and “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland! (Which works for ALL ladies and ANYWHERE) into Spanish, and done such a fine, lovely job of it that I’d kiss her feet if just for that.

what an honor to work with you, MADAM … JI!

And I gave her two official references as well for it, I believe – for translations on a freelance basis, and for “full time” work which Madam Ji was looking for at that time.

She’s found work now – those references HELPED!

And I’m happy to do that for anyone if their work is good, so let m eknow if thats you.

And anyway  . . .

She’s been asking me about which book to translate next.

By the way, I was gonna ask you, you still have some books for translate  in … suck? Now I have some free time so I think I can work on one ? let me know.


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She uses an Iphone, just like perfect Madam Pearl did, all the lovely Chinese ladies do, and Goddesses EVERYWHERE DO!

Now, the suck part.

I dont want to name the site where I met Madam, but it’s terrible, and other than meeting great people, I’ve yet to see a dime in sales from THAT site.

But, all our translated books etc are on Amazon for those interested.

The regular ones are available on this site, and many others (Amazon ,Google etc). But remember, discounts can only be done if you order from THIS SITE.

Anyway …

It’s such an honor!

And yes – wearing the pants in the relationship is what it is, hehe.



On 5/10/2021 8:15 PM, Daniela Di Luca wrote:
> Hahah that is what we call in my country having bad temper ? or just taking the pants in the relationship ?? idk if it makes sense hahaha.
> Omg no in here i have almost 2 years here and still have bad time adjusting to the work schedule, mostly store, pharmacies, agencies, basically everything ??Is something like: 9am/2pm and then 5pm/10pm
> Dani.


(I was explaining “dominant” ladies to her yet again, hehe).

And … I love it when she LAUGHS AT ME!

Such a QUEEN!

Oh ok ok, sure I will try that one hahaha. Your books are always true in many parts I think ?. I will make the proposal later today or tomorrow.

How is your day going so far?

Btw what time is there? Just curious hahah here is 9:21 am.


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> El may. 11, 2021, a las 8:30 a. m., Mike Watson  escribió:
> Haha, no problem for the review, Princess. We’ve tried enough times!
> For …Sucks (can I suck with it, hehe) … You could try “Owned by Madam Aa Ling“. And you can giggle as you read and translate, as thats a true story in many parts!

I love sucking.

Y’all know this!

But, the book I recommended is the one she should do – and she’s right.

ALWAYS reality mixed in with a dab of creative license is what it is, Ma’am!

And, there is a great review (not from Dani) on that page, and if there is ONE reason you should get the book, it is that.

I keep saying get the book, but there’s so many cheap skates out there that just come to the site for a quick wank. Ugh. What losers!


But anyway, those of you with sense, you know what to do!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, check out more REVIEWS here too.

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