If rumpus worship turns YOU on MORE than anything else . . .

I’m sure the title of this email has made several sissies cream their panties already, and not necessarily just because her ass pops “into mind” when they read this.

(A particular sissy into being publicly humiliated by women ‘Sandy”, for one, (the woman’s name) – his name is “Roofus Rumpus Schofield” – I’m leaving out the first name for privacy, but he’s the same idiot on public assistance and drugs in the U.K. that pesters women late at night asking to be their servant – at least, from what he sends my “real man” friend, that is what it sounds like).

Believe it or not, a lot of rump worshippers, usually MALE like worshipping … musky MALE asses, especially hairy ass and bollocks with sweat and nasty goo hanging off them.

Admit it, cuck.

You love sticking your tongue into his ass as he fucks her, and giving HIM pleasure more than … HER!

Which is of course why you’re a cuck and sissy (for those that are).

Now, I could write tomes on this, and in the book Sophia Bai (the series), I have.

But indeed, THAT book, along with “Mai my Indian Maid” isn’t really written by me.

I did the “handiwork”, sure. Madam doesnt like sitting at the ole puter, but it’s written – all – in THEIR words.

In other words, it isn’t a guy writing those books – its a WOMAN.


And I asked Sophia about this (the above today), and here is what she said.

It was a long reply!

And so I’ll paraphrase in my own words, because Sophia Bai is, as you know, Chinese, and a older lady, past 40 – the best!

Yes, older ladies with three kids popped out can sometimes be the best!

(a certain idiot I know was once jumping up and down about age, so I had to say that).

“Mike, I get it. These guys … but really, all they do is lick my ass! 

It turns me on, but what I really need – someone to last with me in BED (and as you know, Mike, as Su needs!) – they cant give it to me!

I just attract these losers into my life. Mei Qian in many cases! (she means no money) – and the ones WITH money, well, they can’t get it up either!”

There was more  on the money part.

“I’m tired of constantly having to put my hands on their nipples to turn them on!” 

“Why can’t there be REAL men out there?” 

“Sometimes we women need more than a tongue up our asses!” 

Well, that’s what she said. (paraphrased).

But it rings so true, and while I told her there’s plenty of real men out there (just ask Su, hehe) … the above on nipples, fetish etc rings true.

Sometimes, cuck, she just wants to be FUCKED.

And thats all!

Now, what to do if you’re a cuck reading this that can’t stay hard having sex?

Three options, actually.

One being (and this is what I recommend) – “coming full circle” which is mentioned and explained very well in the Serving an Indian Goddess series.

In short, you’re a cuck.

So BE a cuck, and do at least that well!

Be comfortable with it as opposed to pretending you’re a real man and getting jealous etc. 

Be devoted to her and help her find real men!

Believe me, this will make your life much, much easier and more satisfying!

Two, if you’re not comfortable with other men despite wanting to suck dick more than anything else? (lets face it?)

Well, my kink counseling is there for a reason – for YOU.

And three?

Well , there is no three … other than do #1, but don’t just do it on your lonesome. Believe me, “you being comfortable with it doesnt mean she won’t want more”.

You have to make HER comfortable with it, which ain’t the easiest of thangs to do (Remember how long it took for her to piss on you, for one?).

I get it – these fantasies are hard to just jump into!

And what I’d recommend for you cucks out there is to turn into the perfect cuck out there for her to resolve all this, and bring it all out in the open.

On that note, grab my best course ever on it .. Cuck Central.

Let me know how it goes!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is the link again. Truly spectacular, cucks!

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