Sexy korean guys in UNDERWEAR, their dicks, balls and asses, Mistress Lucy … and CUCK HEAVEN!

You guys – cucks out there will have a field day reading this!

Cucks and cock lovers, and there’s tons of you out there.

But those cute, sexy Korean guys!

Imagine this – lik eI keep saying. Slim, sexy dude with washboard abs without it being too visible.

Lovely fair skin.

Smooth chest! Lovely Asian nipples poking out, waiting to be worshipped!

And that sexy underwear on Ali Express and other chinese sites!

Some of them show the guys with “thong like underwear” and those lovely butt cheeks – male butt cheeks, almost as sexy as female, and different – are visible!

Their dicks – not too big, not too small – are visible too!

And you just want to take the boxers, or underwear down, and go to work, guys!

Cucks, of course. Hehe.

And worshup those lovely butt cheeks, kissing ’em …

Licking them!

And of course, Madam Lucy makes it the best!

I sent her many of these pictures today.

“REally nice!”


And so forth …

Finally, I sent her a picture of a Chinese girl with big butt.

Her only reaction?

“you like this, boy!??”

She might as well have said EWWWWWWW!

Men only, boy!

And to me, THAT is what makes it so much fun, so much interesting, the women enjoying it!

If they don’t, there’s no use.

Beats the whole point.

And to get YOUR woman interested in cuckolding lik enever before, and believe me, you’ll turn into the perfect cuck for her too – implement the tips in the bestselling CUck Central.

Report back once you do, cuck!


Mike Watson

Ps – Lots of dick sucking in Cuckold Compilations, and sexy men, and humiliation!

PS #2 – And yes, Madam, I’m so happy to be your SISTER! Every cuck loves that, so does every SISSY!

You women are just … QUEENS AND GODDESSES! Especially when you ignore us, hehe.

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