If you’re my Goddess – he’s my GOD!

Princess Lucy is the best!

All day long yesterday, I was sending her pictures of sexy men. Sexy men in underwear. . . sexy slim men, and of course lots of sexy “in shape” asses!

Madam doesnt talk a lot.

She’s a busy lady, boy!

But she laughs a lot, and I love it!

And to the pictures, here is what she had to say!

I hope you can find more sexy pictures for me!

And she often asks me “who those men are”!

Ah, how I wish I could introduce them to Madam!

“Madam, if you’re my Goddess – they’re my Gods!

I just had to say after looking at a particularly luscious set of smooth Asian butt cheeks, the crack so sexy, so visible!

An uncut Asian cock, long and dangling!

And the lovely balls!

“Madam, I should serve him too!”

“Press his feet!

” Shine his shoes!”

“Lick his balls!”

“Suck his cock!”

“Lick his ass! Cook and clean for him, bring him drinks, press his feet when he’s done!”

And so forth …

And you should see how Madam giggles away!

“you’re my lovely sister!, she says.

She might as well say “you’re my sissy, boy!”

Maybe she will soon.

Maybe she will give me a female name too – as of yet, she’s been too shy to do it. But she’s the best, I’ll tell you that much!

And her sexy men are the best too, hehe.

Anyway, cuck heaven isn’t just serving her – it’s serving her boyfriend too!

It’s looking at them sneering down at you, their feet and soles  visible, it’s being forced to suck her boyfriend’s cock to pleasure him – it’s to IGNORE one’s own cock – it’s to submit totally to a dominant alpha couple!

And give them both the ultimate pleasure they’ve ever had!

And that, my friend, is the fun of it all.

Want more?

More sexy men, more sexy descriptions, more dominant ladies ready to cuckold YOU?

Well, Cuckold Compilations is your ticket – grab it now.

And since I haven’t been able to sleep all night, since I’ve already cum to calling him Master ONCE – and my dick is rock hard again – I dont know – I guess I’ll try to sleep – until Lucy wakes up, and I’m raring to discuss more dicks and dongs with her!

Life’s good, boy~


Mike Watson

PS – Here is the link again – get this NOW.

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