More on “Simi”, and why boss(y) ladies are SUCH A huge turn on!

I don’t know if the makers of the movie had femdom in mind.

Or their audience was into it …

But she sat there, on her bed, in her palatial mansion, regal as ever …

Perfect Madam Simi on the laptop on the bed, as my SO so often is (and so many other ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to serve, not the least of whom being Madam SUSAN! – remember – talk to my soles, not me! ?) … drink by her side, a calm, confident expression on her face.

Earlier on (a good 20 minutes or so ago), she told a snivelling man the following.

“I need a real man for this job! Not a faggot!” (like you, she might as well said! Or, “boy”, so confident and dominant was she!).

And she was wearing a LONG nightgown. And her soles were on full view, and the movie captures her for a good few seconds sitting RIGHT there on the bed, soles in full view, almost as if it were a “POV” movie, but it isn’t.

It’s a regular movie.

Much like the other one I saw the other day with “those” three ladies, and while this lady was the villain in the movie, the fact is, she was gorgeous and commanding.

And she looked perfect, despite her age and weight!

And she reminded of Princess Simi, who was one of the ladies I wrote about on THIS site years ago, way, way back when I started it …

I’ll see if I can find the post, and I’ll share it again on social media.

But for now, that POV?

Lady on the bed, soles crossed, an amused expression on her face, looking down at the pathetic thing by her side as she sips her drink?

By her side, at her feet, under her SOLES!

As he begs to massage her!

PAye Lagu, Madam Ji!

“Madam, may I rub your feet please?”

“Madam, your phone is ringing. May I get it please?”

“Yes, Madam. Whatever you order Madam!” And these, and more thoughts passed through my head as soon as I saw this pose, and I forget ALL about the plot of the movie.

Only Madam Simi mattered!

Much as she did when I saw her in that company I worked at years ago!

And on that note – I’m out – what a sexy POV though!


Mike Watson

PS – This lady was of Indian origin too apparently. They can sure be the most dominant ever when they want, and here are some GREAT, great tales you DO want to pick up on Indian Femdom – right HERE!

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