That lovely purple Indian cockhead, and the (another) test of a TRUE CUCK!

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That lovely purple Indian cockhead, and the (another) test of a TRUE CUCK!



Indian cocks are so special, so delicious!

I’ve written about them before.

While black cocks have admittedly been the longest that yours truly sissiest sucked, slobbered and suckled on galore, and the balls dangled the lowest … INDIAN cocks have always held a special fascination for me.

And other than with Garima Madam Ji, Indian cock lover “au extraordinnaire”, Ive not had the pleasure of worshipping too many of those!

But I hope to in the future, more than I already have. My sissy lips are painted pink already, I used lip balm to soften them too!

Anyway, I saw a movie last night – another one of those highly unprofessional “home made Indian movies”.

And it was’t femdom either …

This was just sex, and I dont know how it popped up.

But one of the guys in there could have been ME – minus my admittedly fairer skin and phimotic cock, hehe.


The elephant snout is what I have!

Sick dick. And girls love it, and love to poke fun at it too. Hehe. And it make me all the more cucked, since I can’t do certain positions without it hurting, and no, despite scores of women telling me to get circumsized I never did, because I get more feeling from my phimotic cock than perhaps 10 men with their cut cocks!

And NOT all positions are painful, and in any case, yours truly doesn’t use his cock for anything other than release!

But he uses his lips ..

Both the ones on my mouth, and my sissy hole if you get my drift.

And last night, I dont know, I didnt even look much at the feet! And soles.

And as the girls sucked on the guy’s nipples – oh my!

Madam Anne did that for me often!

Of course, that was mostly all femdom. REmember I pressed her legs all night, ate her out (she would NOT blow me) and she would not even use her hands properly to jerk me off – she’d just suck each nipple in a special manner only she did, and then leave me to get her more tea!

True Goddess is she, and each Chinese girl I’ve been with has been a natural expert at nipple play, one of the most orgasmic thing both real men and cucks can experience.

Hence, Nipplegasm Central – it’s truly “mind blowing” (small mind too if you get my drift).

And blowing.?

It’s exactly what I wanted to do, purse my lips and suck the Indian dude’s purplish cock head!

As it emerged from a thick uncut sheath.

I can almot hear MAdam Su commanding me!

“Pull the skin back, boy!” 

“Suck on the HEAD, boy!” 

“Don’t forget the balls, boy!” 

And his ass, of course!

That lovely Indian cock shaft, so smooth, so DARK, and the purple cock head emerging from it. 

Often I’d suck with the skin, often without, but I’d worship and stare at the tip for hours, hoping for my treasure!

HIS pleasure is my treasure, Madam!

And my cucked self would love licking Samit’s hairy asshole for one.

So hairy that things would stick to it, including lotion I’d use to put my finger in while I blew him. 

And she played with his nipples (Garima).

The pleasure he got was out of the world.

The way that cock pleasured Garima Madam Ji, even more so!

And the way I sucked and worshipped it, and his asshole too – and hers – and then pressed their soles later for HOURS as they slept, drunk and drained if you get my drift.


(as was MY sissy leaking all throughout).

Indian cocks, my friend, are one to try – not just because of the taste of the cum.

And not just the lovely DARK skin, different from pure black …

Not the balls which tend to “hunch” more than dangle (making them even better for ballbusting in many ways).

It’s …something!

Paye LAgu, Malkin! Thank you so much!

(and you too Sir – that cock is the stuff of DREAMS!)

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Here is the ultimate treatise on cock worship (I’m sure you know what an expert I am, and you too, sissy can BE ONE) – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.

PS #2 – Men have often thanked me for the glowing testimonials I give their dongs and bollocks, but the pleasure is all mine (as with Rueben!). Thank you!

PPS – That MOMENT – or those when a) his head emerges from the skin – and b) he’s about BLAST a massive load and you finger his prostrate to pleasure him more – ropes of cum – oh my!

Believe me, there is VERY GOOD REASON I say Sissygasm Central is BOTH for real men with long cocks and cucks that never use theirs. Check it out NOW!

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