Lotion, cum, shyt, and the sissy stench of it all!

This, like my last email, might be “TMI” but I gotta say it anyway.

After that sissy romp in the hay, after having my ass violated, after managing to stay hard for her while she humiliated me for being the cock loving faggot I am, NOT a real man – and truth be told, she would have donE far more for a real man – she would have blown him – played with his nipples – licked his ass – the whole shebang – pun intended, with me, nothing. 

I had to lift th eleg up myself too!

But after all that – and most of all, having my wallet raped very well indeed, I took a shower.

I ate something. (after making her her sandwiches).

And then?

I suddenly had to take a dump!

So I went, but this is one KEY thing to remember, sissies.

You do NOT just enter a one way street before making it’s CLEAR And clean!

Unless you want nasty surprised, and believe me, you’ll be surprised at when th eurge strikes you at the most inopportune moments.

Consider yourself warned (unless scat turns you on).

And of course, after my shower I bathed myself in sissy Vaseline yellow colored sweet smelling lotion.

Much like Carol’s lovely”Enchanteur” lotion, the smell of which and her foot sweat persisted even after a shower, this does on me for a while too!

And as I “went”, that nasty stench of lotion and shyt!

It’s indescribably nasty, but sissies know what I mean.

If you’re rubbing your Memsahib with oil – lotion – all sweet scented, then the mixture of smells has hit you whether your worshipping her holy poo hole, or her soles, which is holier, you decide!

I think her asshole, but the soles too!


Same thing for HIS MANLY dick and balls, and asshole. 

Except here it’s manly smells.

It’s that combo of smells which adds another layer of PURE HOT STEAMING SEX to it ALL!

And of course, as I “went”, I thought about the session, and I got hard on the toilet.

No girlfriends around to suck my dick while I’m on the toilet, though they did it for real men as they “ploooped”, they had their dick sucked too.


I just leaked, and right now, my dicklet is sticking to my underwear.

And that, my friend…. is that!

Hopefully this gave you valuable lessons, sissy!


Mike Watson

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