Sissy lessons to be learned from Butt-ler Schofield

Butler Schofield, you might read that as.

Or, Buttler Schofield, and in BOTH cases, you’d be right.

There is this strange looking bald guy (he, from what my friend told me is one of these trolls and wankers that keeps pestering women late at night about his fetishes, and during the day is usually drunk and trolling somewhere on the Internet while claiming he’s a millionaire – – it’s a strange indeed story, I know, but believe me, it’s true!) who keeps pestering my friend from another country – and a fitness guy.

I won’t mention him here, but rest assured that this Schofield (his name seems to be “Glyn” from what I can tell, but I’m not sure “Glin”?) is a pest “au extraordinnaire”.

Based on the screenshots I’ve seen, he truly is the PEST of all PESTS .. .

And hence the women don’t just run from his – they SPRINT away from him as fat as possible.

Or, as “fast”.

Being hes as fat as he is, and being the most recent picture my friend sent me (which the nut is trolling God knows who with) of him being a “butler” and serving “some dark skinned lady” (probably from the Philippines), I had to write this to you – just to make sure to steer CLEAR of this wackjob if you or anyone ever “sees” him online or wherever!

He looks like Humpty Dumpty, one small egg on top of another far “bigger” one . . . and the way you identify him is his inane requests of “can I lick your ass” or “can I be your servant, press feet, carry shopping etc” (when you don’t know him from Eve so to speak). 

But it reminds me of a perfect lady who LOVED men buttling for her – sissy men!

This morning I wrote about not just this Schofield from the UK, but another lovely GOddess in Tanzania right now as we speak.

Perfect Madam Suvi, and doing her dishes while dressed in those frocks she so liked – well, it was not just a task – it was the greatest honor, and still is!

Here is what Suvi had to say about it .. .


My maid does what I like, and while “she” might enjoy some of it too, “her” enjoyment is never really the prime consideration.

As it should always be, of course!

It was a Saturday night, and I could hear cries of raucous laughter in the distance, no doubt emanating from the bar nearby my apartment complex, the drunken “revelry” in these establishments set to continue until 4 A.M. or so, which is when the bars close around these parts in Southern China.

I could hear water sloshing around in the kitchen sink as he did the dishes, no doubt wiping every dish, spoon and spatula twice with two different clean kitchen cloths after washing them by hand, inspecting every inch and corner of the cutlery to make sure there were no annoying stains left.

I giggled involuntarily and relaxed into my sofa further.

The “wiping with two cloths” was something he had done the first time he had actually done my housework, and I quickly cottoned to the fact that though he didn’t quite enjoy the “reality of doing the housework”, my relaxed self on the couch painted a very attractive figure to him indeed.

He had also offered to buy me a dishwasher at a certain point, which I accepted, but it’s rarely, if ever used.

It’s only used (by me) when he’s truly too busy to “service my apartment”. Hee hee, what a nice foreign maid I have, replete with a giant hard on poking out under his frilly pink frock!

There’s more, of course. This book truly is SISSY PARADISE – so sissies, get this now.

And last, but not least, I asked Suvi if she’d “consider” a Bozo like this Schofield.

I knew the answer already, of course.

But she told me anyway.

“This sort of man is exactly what women hate, Mike!”

And she’s right.

And more  – – THIS book is YET ANOTHER one – – written in HER VOICE!

The Goddess truly speaketh!

Get this now my friend – you’ll love it.


Mike Watson

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And yes – paperbacks available too!

PS #2 – The Indian Goddess series is more manna from heaven for cucks and sissies! So is Garima Madam

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