Why all men should wear high heels.

One of the sissy pleasures during my time with Perfect Madam Krystal – the teaching assistant that was anything but (no, Bozo Schofield, it isn’t about ass-istant! Although believe me, yours truly did a LOT of ass licking for her!) .. ?

Well, it was when she took me shopping – the public humiliation of having to buy girly clothes with her – and not for her!

I’d often wear her old panties, usually torn and too tight bras when I did this, and she’d giggle and grab my man boobs as we strode into the lingerie stores (well, she strode, I followed!).

With head hung in shame, hehe.

As it should be, boy!

Sissies should be ashamed!

But anyway, this is what she said.

Look at her, she’s so fat!” and she’d not only grab my titties, but also flick those nipples – oh, my!

Madam was nothing if not the best!

And her friends too.

The Chinese girls would stare unbelievingly at the outwardly macho male, sissified to an extreme, but the surprise only lasted a second.

Chinese women are nothing if not naturally dominant, hence the BOOK on attracting femdom to you – a wildly popular one is themed on Chinese women from the MAINLAND!

Though itll work for any woman, and even vanilla situations.

We’d shop for high heels too, and I dont know if I mentioned this in Sissy Central – I Think I did – but trust me, sissy.

Wearing high heels is NOT easy.


“Now you know what women need to go through for you men, boy!” Krystal would say. 

she’s right.


Nails ALWAYS painted – if doing house work, the toenails must always be painted, the fingernails – well – some discount can be given there!

Hair made up.

Lipstick always immaculate to suck stud COCK!

And so forth, and most of all, wearing high heels, shoving one’s feet into them (Carols’ lovely feet had calluses from high heels!) – and then of course awkwardly balancing, walking and running in them – often with a dildo up my ass.

“Woman have too many problems!” Carol would often say, taking her lovely red high heels off and flexing her toes. 

She’s right.

And sissy, YOU wanted to be a woman, so you better learn the trials and travials involved.

And on another note, did you know high heels were originlly intended for MEN?


They were supposed to …

High heels were originally made exclusively for men! Can you believe it? Nowadays, stilettoes and heels are broadly associated with female style and female sexuality. However, men used to wear heels long before women started wearing them. High-heeled shoes were first worn by Persian soldiers in 10th century to elevate their feet, giving them stability while shooting their bows and arrows. Since then, men heels symbolise high social stature, military power and fashionable taste.

I couldn’t be arsed to type it out – more here – Did You Know Men Were the First to Wear High-heel Shoes? (news18.com) 

But, stature?

They sure do give you sissies sissy stature – thats for sure!

And always remember – as I wrote about before – always rush to give MONEY to women that are starting cosmetic businesses above all, because …

… well, I covered that before!

Check the email prior to this – and for now I’m out.

Back soon!



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