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Cuck prying ass open

Spicy Erotic

Last night, I watched a cuck video. And for a change, the cuck in the video was dutiful and willing as opposed to many of the cucks you see where the cuck has to be literally “forced” to serve!

(which is great too in terms of humiliation, of course).

But a willing cuck – now thats the best!

He did EVERYTHING he could! (and with a huge smile, which is what COUNTS!).

He lifted his wife’s legs up while the bull was fucking her – he kissed her soles – he even submitted to the cock comparison she did whereby she humiliated his tiny cock which WAS tiny compared to thick black pole right next to it … and she gave his a tiny “lick” as if to show him what he was “missing”!

He did all he could, to be honest.

The bull was fucking the woman in various positions, and the cuck licked the bull’s balls – got into positions HIMSELF without being told to – unlike many other bulls more focused on humiliating the cuck, this bull was focused on his job – making sure he pleasured the cougar – Madam!

Anyway, we’re treated to a shot of the stud’s massive muscular backside, the butt muscles outlined against the smooth black skin as he pumps away.

What a man – a real man!

And the cuck kisses the thighs, ass, hamstrings reverently over and over again as if to say – – what a treasure, and it was!

For a minute the stud slows down.

And the cuck SEIZES the day – and chance – which he had been trying to do all along!

He doesnt just lick the stud’s ass “just to do it” .

You see him literally PRY the stud’s ass wide open and stick his tongue deep in – so devoted he was, that you’d think if the stud took a massive dump right there, he’d still worship the pristine divine asshole from which it came, because it’s a STUD, and HIS asshole!

There are few things in life better for a cuck than to suck a stud’s cockhead and stick a lubed finger up his ass, giving HIM the ultimate pleasure …!

At a certain point, the stud lies on his back and she does cowgirl.

The cuck is almost sucking his toes, he doesnt do it – but so devoted he is that you’d think he was about to do it!

And truth be told, I’ve often done that for Master  Jerome as he fucked SU, and it was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever, ever done.

Anyway, the cuck “got his”.

As the woman penetrated him with a large dildo (putting a white towel underneath to catch the repeated and numerous PLEASURABLE sissygasms) – and the stud pounded his mouth gently.

What more could a cuck ask for …!?

And I’ve often emphasized this one cardinal rule in Cuck Central – the ONE AND ONLY definitive guide of its kind in terms of turning into the cuckold of your – and her – DREAMS!

And in Humiliation Central! … and Sissy Central too!

LICK his ass – FIRST, BOY!

You might think that your job is to slobber and worship the cock first.

It is.

But you have to worship the other parts of his body first, boy!

Especially his ass, his asshole, the perennial region – first.

You dont just get to the treasure in front of him first – you WORK your way up to it – you EARN stud cock, boy!

And that, my friend is rule #1 of cuckoldry.

Always remember it!


Mike Watson

PS – If it’s not just being a cuck that turns you on, but reading about actual tales – which it does for many people – well – Cuckold Compilations is JUST what the doctor ordered. Grab it NOW my friend.

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