Why you should press her feet with OIL, boy!

In mainland China, they often use the expression “Jia You!” (keep going) or another expression that loosely translates to “add oil!” in English.

This could be said in many ways, and most of the time it’s said as encouragement for normal tasks.

Or, something that you’re trying hard to do, but not getting!

(Such as attracting femdom to yourself, boy!)

But it’s a mundane expression, but yet, for femdom lovers?

I dont know why – but massaging her feet with OIL – instead of just scented lotion as I’ve done for the vast majority of people out there (girls mostly) … is KEY!

Mistress T, that lovely iconic lady, femdomina au extraordinnaire, and perhaps an even better cuckoldress than Madam Su was, and thats a high standard! – – knows this better than anyone else!

(No, I dont get nothing for mentioning here, but I want to give her credit, so I am. The world needs MORE ladies like her, not less!)

(China has plenty of ’em, hehe. )

But anyway – – the feet GLEAM when you massage with oil.

Lotion is a different gleam, but oil is base.

Oil is messier.

And oil sticks to her flip flops when she walks, and you, cuck, will clean it up – often with your shirt!

And most of all, oil is more NATURAL, and does a far better job of moisturizing her soles than ANY amount of expensive, fancy lotion could. 

Rub my feet … WITH OIL, BOY!

Yes Madam! 

Truly footboy paradise it is, especially when that is accompanied by a full body massage for her, like with Princess Joanie on the beach!

I’m out – back soon!



PS – Ms. Priyanka made me rub her feet with a SPECIAL “juice” – and I’ll let you guess which one that was, but it wasnt fruits, I’ll tell you that. And no, your first guess isn’t right either. It’s “fruits of labor” if you get my drift. If not, pick up the “Serving an INDIAN Goddess” series now – and you’ll see!

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