I’m celebrating my freedom to be enslaved by Chinese women, hehe

It’s funny.

With all the talk of freedom etc going on globally, with my support for Ex president Donald Trump – truly one of the greatest ever in my book – lots don’t notice that not all Trump supporters are women hating beasts.


Proof’s in the sticky cummy pudding in my case!

But really, freedom – my friend.


Our freedom to vote, freedom to believe in whichever religion we  want to and practice it (for the record, as I’ve said before, I’m a practising atheist with the exception of worshipping at HER temple, hehe) … freedom to travel, freedom to speak freely … freedom to … eat, drink as and whatever we see fit (trust me – countries out there control that too!) – and most of all, I suppose, in this context?

Freedom to choose to be RULED by women – to spend one’s life beneath a woman’s sole!

Your place is always under my SOLES, boy!

Madam, my place is not at your feet, it’s under them! 

Freedom to affirm these until the cows come home, until Pooja and Priyanka tweak my bitch tits and make me go moo …

And everything else!

Of course, oddly enough, femdom is rampant in China as well with all the controls they have, but externally, it’s still a male dominated society …

Anyway, whats up with all this you ask ?

Well, I read the Pres (of the US) has given everyone news that a whopper of a – get this – $0.16 discount is on the way in terms of Jul 4 BBQ’s.

I dont usually mention politics here, but this is beyond politics – this is utter lunacy. Poor Joe really does need to be certified!

Anyway – I thought I’d do up a real discount.

Not 10, not 15, not 20 as before …

(I just deactivated an ongoing discount we had in this regard).

But 40% !!!

YES, a solid 40%

Anything over $100 gets you that discount, my friend.

So shop away – and remember. This one is huge, so I might pull it soon. It won’t last beyond Jul 7, if even that – so get your thang on – now!


Mike Watson

PS – Gotta ask Dani about the status on the book on affirmations (translated into Spanish, hehe).

PPS – Oops, forgot – the code is JUL4footboys. Use that code when checking out, you’ll get the discount.

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