My significant other wanted me to be a bull.

Right, yo uheard me!

That lovely S.O. of mine that wants a new cuck, and I’m helping her find one (she finds the studs herself giggling away at her job as a headhunter).

… as she found ME.


Little did the poor lady knew, appearances are deceptive, and this was a CUCK!

And that why not all cucks have short cocks, for one, hehe. Mine is probably longer than the studs I so want to worship (Mistress T!) … but I’m a cuck, and he’s a stud, and the way his cum spurts out FEROCIOUSLY that first GOB makes my loins quiver as they always do sissy style!

But anyway, his lovely cock (smooches, SIR!) aside … and lovely Mistress T aside, lovely Mistress Rachna?

No, she ain’t got a site. It’s gotta be through me (sissy style, hehe).

At lunch, we were eating a load of vegetables (China, anyone?)

And she made the comment.

Giggling to another young girl.

“I want him to be a cow!” 

She giggled again. 

“No! A bull!” 

She obviously meant the “grazing on veggies”, but she doesn’t know how true that comment rang!

Years ago, when she wasn’t willing to accept femdom, and did not know the f of it?

Like my other girlfriend (well, one amongst many!) but that one YEARS ago in the Southern United States of A?

Well, difference between those two … THIS one is now so dominant that I’m wondering if I’ve unleashed a beast. A BEAST-ESS!

Truth be told, all women have it in them!

It just has to be unleashed.

And the tricks and tips – perfectly ethical – and yes, these can be used in vanilla situations too – and NO, it aint just for women – it’s for guys too – are right HERE.

Can be used in any situation I should say, and if you dont believe me, read what Princess Dani had to say about it for one!

Anyway …




“You only like boy’s penis!” 

I’d rathe rhear those taunts!

I’d rather kiss stud ass (though I must admit, I’ve have mine kissed and licked too!) (which is probably why I can do both so well. Takesone to know one, hehe).

And I’d rather worship that penis, because I’m so damned good at it!

We all know our roles.

Do YOU know yours?

MOre importantly – have you ACCEPTED and come full circle?

Write back – and let m eknow – and I’ll share your tale with the world!


Mike Watson

PS – Ruined orgasms are another great trick to spice up your sex life BEYOND imagination, vanilla or not. Check out the very definitive GUIDE to it HERE!

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