Why every sissy should visit a gloryhole at least once …

My friend, and “partner” in cuckoldry – in Cuckold Compilation, and no doubt these emails – you’ve read of my affinity for COCK.

Long, smooth, dangling cock …

Cut cock. Uncut cuck. Smelly cock. Washed cock. Dong and balls.

Feet – and cock, boy! As Ikeep saying on the Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots page, for a very good reason.

Anyway, my friend Rueben – him of the lovely white cock, you remember him, don’t you?

And all those years ago, before I had the opportunity to slobber all over his dick, he took me a video store once.

One which had a porn section … and a quiet little gloryhole section behind it!

My friend didnt think much of it!

Some damn gay dude may show up to suck, he complained.

But later on , when I sucked him off – he had no complaints!

Anyway cocks are something all men are curious about to an extent, my friend.

And I still remember taking a massive dump once in college, and a nasty old man staring at me through the closed door crack, hoping to get a “sight” of my phimotic dark cock…

But anyway, where am I going with this.

I’ve been writing about the ruined orgasms Ive been having on auto pilot damn near every night, havent I?

And how the cum doesn’t cum out – but the CONTRACTIONS OCCUR?

Indeed blissful!

And indeed something people ASPIRE To – and yours truly via his mental conditioning has done on auto pilot.

Much like being the guy to whom women, both dominant or not GRAVITATE – on auto pilot.

Last night, I thought of cock.

Long, satiny smooth shiny COCK … 

And this morning, I remembered Mistress Sadie.

My boyfriend uses extra large condoms, boy!!

And perfect Madam Sophia!

I’ll NEVER SUCK YOUR DICK, boy – thats only for my rockstar!

And for some reason, I thought of a long, ramrod straight, not curved like I so like … COCK – the head poking out from the snug COVER …

A white cock.

And I know without doubt that sort of cock belonged to Mistress Sadie’s wonderful man!

Well – I never got the opportunity to worship his cock – or his used condoms! 

(That smell, especially rubber mixed  in with leftover LOADS!)

But cucks and cuckolds, I’ve written about plenty of such experiences with a TWIST – that being, femdom added in.

It’s one thing to do m on m.

It’s quite another to have a woman “egging” you on to suck his eggs – and laughing at you as you do so!

Believe me, indeed a very potent and noxious combo.

Once you go cuck, you’ll never go back.

Pick up Cuckold Compilations for more!

And as for why sissies should visit gloryholes?

Well, we sissies know sucking dick with our WOMEN is our “intimate time in bed”.

We dont get any. They won’t suck our cocks, and indeed we dont want them to, as we lick their assholes, their SOLES, kiss their FEET, their bubble butts … and worship them in general, and take pride in being humiliated daily by women!

Who then do the exact opposite to their men.

And what better, my friend, to have various cocks poking in at you through various holes.

You’ll get plenty of practice, sissy.

You may even earn a buck or two which you can give Mistress!

And to learn how to service all those wonderful dongs poking in at you through holes, all ready to CUM like geysers, go here.


Mike Watson

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