Red underwear, yellow underwear. Mirror, Mirror, which dong to suck?

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Red underwear, yellow underwear. Mirror, Mirror, which dong to suck?

Spicy Erotic

So, last night I had YET ANOTHER one of those dreams!

Another one of those “wet dreams” you might think – but this time – it was a TRUE ruined orgasm for the most part – and on auto pilot.

I orgasmed, yes.

Contractions and everything – but when I woke up, I normally find the bed a sticky mess, and cum sticking to my gonads – they’re quite hairy!

This time, other than the first blob, and even that had to be squeezed out – NOTHING.

I was sleeping on my site, and felt the contractions!

Anyway, there was a tall bearded guy doing pull-ups in my dream, and when he was done?

He was shirtless, in red underwear.

And I saw his dick plop out as he changed, I felt the urge to slob on it, but …

Then there was another guy that appeared – in yellow underwear.

And HE Wanted it!

I kissed him all over.

I sucked his nipples – he loved it – that not too hairy muscular chest – the breathing grew heavier!

That flat stomach, I kissed it, and his dong through his yellow briefs.

Finally, he couldn’t take it!

He put his dong – hard by now – IN it’s underwear in my mouth and almost came, but didn’t.

He WAITED – controlled himself.

What a stud!

THAT is what women want, boy!

And then …?

I took his underwear off, and he plowed into my mouth, and then he did CUM.

I remember the smell of cum, and the “homely” smell of his dick and balls.

And then I woke up, and all the above.

And had my ruined orgasm, on auto pilot.

SO, three things to take away from all this.

One, ruined orgasms are truly the best – and I was hoping to get a sissygasm, the next level last night.

I almost did!

Almost got the lotion out but didn’t, but my mind took care of the rest.

Two, I’m so horny now (which ties in with 1), but remember, if you can condition your mind to have sissy gasms without even touching the P spot as I have, then attracting women – money – anything into your life – becomes EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY – on auto pilot!

Start squeezing some juice out of those lemon balls right HERE.

Oh, and three – pick up Cuckold Compilations if this sort of stuff turned you on – you’ll love it!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re into being a cuck, then you need to grab Cuck Central as well while you’re at it.

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