Are women from the Chinese mainland really the most DOMINANT?

Many years ago, I remember “Madame China”, a dominatrix (a world class one at that!) in a WeChat group in China which I founded (for BDSM purposes) but then “gave away”, because it didnt quite serve the purpose for which it was intended (too many idiots posting porn etc in there – which is the problem with idiot men in general! Can’t get their minds off their damned DICKS … and sucking them, of course).

(and saying they’re not gay. Dumb asses).

She talked about many things, one being peeing on men, which was interesting the way she did it, and chatted about it!

And to me privately, she once made me the offer of “I’ll dominate you” and in return, you can build my website.

She didnt say boy, but she might well have!

Now, to Mike Watson, business is business. I don’t barter in that regard, so I thanked her anyway but very politely declined. 

But this lady does a lot of the same things I write about – most notably serving her subs platters – of her SHIT!

SHe’s part Chinese, I believe …

And on that note, remember what I wrote about my current S.O and her infatuation with Korean soap operas and such, and them turning her EVEN bitchier …

Honestly, I dont know.

Personally I believe that INDIAN women are just as dominant in their own way, and so are ALL Women!

I mean, just take a look at one of those Indian or Pakistan soap operas – and the way foot massage, and SERVITUDE – and slaps etc are emphasized, in a brutal manner, and you’ll see!

Of course, I’ve made no bones about my own experience with CHinese women, so NATURALLY dominant, and findominas par excellence, and YES, I think when it comes to nipple play – chinese women are the experts at it!

But anyway, with my SO (she’s Indian) I believe it’s all about the grass being greener on the other side, and hey.

I’m not complaining.

With the way she treats me – and as BITCHY as she’s become naturally (I’m scared to even raise my voice to her!) … oh MY!

Femdom manna from HEAVEN!

And Korean soap operas had something to do with it, of course.

But really, I think one should NOT be what one isn’t – or try to be.

The trick is, and if she’d listen, to get her OWN INNATE DOMINANCE to come out – and it has – but if she truly embraced HER own dominant, stopped apeing Korean women etc (and again, dont get me wrong – a lot of that is because I love Chinese femdom!) – then she’d be EVEN more of a dominant force of nature.

And thats my take on it.

Never be what you aren’t – or pretend to be!

It eventually and ultimately backfires.

Anyway, she’s a Goddess.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! 

(and no, I won’t dare to bring up that discussion either, hehe).


Mike Watson

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