“Sorry, Madam, I haven’t been reading the news. I’ve been busy writing books on sissies!”

Dear Reader,

So, I was chatting with Madam Alexa today, and after a few initial pleasantries, I let her know that I had a touch of the fever.

Which I do, actually – or perhaps it’s just all the work put in yesterday on … ah, but we’ll get to that!

Now, being that mainland China is currently reeling from the Coronavirus, her response was both instant and completely understandable.

“You should take care of yourself! These days … ” she said, trailing off.

“Yes, you’re right. Although I doubt I have anything remotely resembling THAT virus – yes – best to be on the safe side these days”, I said.

“Maybe I need to serve my Mistress MORE, hehe. Maybe that will make the fever go away!” I quipped, half joking, but half meaning it too, if you get my drift!

Anyway, the topic moved on to other things shortly thereafter.

“Have you heard all this news about that site being blocked…?”

“Which site?”

“Oh, that Chinese TV show … that one that was modeled on the novels with a gay theme … you must have hear dof it??”, asked Madam.

“Sorry, Madam. I’ve been so busy writing books on sissies the past couple of days that I haven’t even seen the news”, I replied.

And I HAVE – but again – more on that later!

“Ao3?? What is that”, I inquired again. “Any link??”

“Links are probably all in Chinese”, she replied, “and…”

“Ah! Archive of our own!” and it hit me suddenly. “Sorry, Madam”, I laughed. “Slightly slow today – perhaps it’s the fever!”

Apparently there is a huge hue and cry going on about the aforementioned site being abruptly blocked in mainland China – – and one of the rumors floating around is that it’s because of a popular Chinese TV show (the male lead actually, who looks quite “purdy”, if I might say so, hehe) – – a show based on a novel (or a series, I’m not sure) with a gay theme.

Apparently the show (named “The Untamed” – – and the “gay” part was left out on TV apparently) has more than 15000 or something (dont quote me on the figure) “fanfics” on the site and some claim the recent ban was inspired by this bit of “fandom” (NO, that term has got nothing to do with BDSM in case you’re wondering!).

“No idea why, haha. But it’s China … and … ” I trailed off.

And it IS China. After all, although there are plenty of things I love about China (I’ll let you guess the #1 thing – hehe – but NO prizes for guessing!) – – there are some things I am NOT in favor or, and one of those is an Internet about as far removed from “free” as you can imagine.

Anyway, onward with the conversation.

“Once upon a time I met a girl named Wendy, Alexa”, I said, changing the topic. “Can you guess what she made me do” (giggle, giggle).


And I told her the story – of how Madam Wendy wanted me to dress up in a nice pink dress and accompany her to a gay bar, and …

“Did you do it??” she asked, laughing.

“Well, no”, I said. “Although the idea was indeed intriguing, I wasn’t quite that brave. Plus my legs are too hairy … ”

And then I paused. That wasn’t an entirely accurate answer.

“Actually, Alexa – the right way to say it would be I didn’t accompany her THAT ONE time”, I said, grinning like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear. Ah, the memories!

“As for the dressing up part, well, she was slightly on the bigger side and I was my usual “slim self””, I said, giggling a bit more. “You can imagine the rest!”

And so can YOU, my dear reader – especially those of you with vivid imaginations and those into sissy fantasies, and on THAT note – what is all this about me being busy writing books on sissies, you may ask?

Well, being that sissy fantasies are one of the most popular ones going around – – and being I’ve got manuals on just about everything else out there (except a proper “P” spot manual, but thats in the works too!) – – I figured I’d do up a comprehensive “how to” on sissy fantasies as well!

Lots of you WANT to incorporate sissy play into your femdom – or more – but dont quite know how to approach it.

Lots of you have ladies that aren’t entirely comfortable with this fantasy, which is of course NOT good news if the male “lead” (hehe) is into it big time.

And a lot of you simply dont know a lot about the fantasy – but would love to try it out!

And more – and it is for all of YOU, my friend, that I’ve been busy the last couple of days – writing Sissy Central – which gives you not one, not two – but  TWENTY FIVE different ways to morph into the sissy you were meant to be, my dear sub (and for you ladies out there, this manual is equally useful if you want to feminize your man – and lots of you do!).

That’s right, my friend. While Cuck Central – a bestseller in its own right gave you 16 solid ways to become the perfect cuck for her – Sissy Central gives you 25 different ways to “embracing the feminine side of yourself thoroughly, hehe, so thoroughly that “once you go sissy – you’ll never, ever go back!””.

Pun intended – or maybe not, hehe.

Anyway both of these manuals are must grabs for serious femdom lovers. Start by grabbing Sissy Central right now, my friend – it really is one of those manuals you cannot do without if you’re even remotely interested in the fantasy!

And thats that for now. I’m back to work – but I’ll make sure to read a bit of news as well while I’m at it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is that link again – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/sissy-central/

P.S #2 – And in case you don’t have Cuck Central, here is the link for THAT – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/

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